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YSRCP MLA Alla Nani extends support to volunteers, dismisses PK’s allegations

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YSRCP MLA and former minister Alla Kalikrishna Srinivas has assured the volunteers of his support and dismissed the allegations of Jana Sena chief K Pawan Kalyan against the Volunteers.

Addressing a meeting of volunteers here on Sunday, Alla Nani alleged that Pawan Kalyan spoke in such a way that the volunteers were demoralised. Pawan Kalyan’s remarks against volunteers are unjust, improper and baseless. Alla Nani lauded the services of volunteers.

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy sanctioned Rs 360 crores for various development works in Eluru constituency including Rs 129 crores for providing drinking water from the river Godavari to 7 merged villages and Rs 129 crore for underground drainage works to be carried out in Eluru city.

“Eluru is witnessing massive development works. The people should understand how the Chief Minister is developing the entire state. Without minimum sense and knowledge Pawan Kalyan making baseless allegations against the YSRCP regime,” he criticized.

The volunteers are working with service motto and they are not working like Janmabhoomi committees which worked in the erstwhile TDP regime, Nani observed. All welfare schemes are being implemented transparently with the help of volunteers who are also striving to provide the welfare scheme benefits to all the eligible poor, he praised.

“Pawan Kalyan’s allegation of collecting data illegally by the volunteers has demoralized the volunteers. They felt deeply saddened by Pawan Kalyan’s accusations. Instead of recognizing and appreciating the services of volunteers, Pawan Kalya spoke absurdly against them,” the former deputy Chief Minister slammed.

Pawan Kalyan questioned the payment of Rs 5000 salary to each volunteer in Eluru meeting and he assured of hiking the salary to Rs 10000 while addressing the meeting in Tadepalligudem which reflects Kawan Kalyan’s double standards and inconsistency, he flayed.

The volunteers have won accolades for their services from the people of the state. The volunteers’ help people in getting the benefits of welfare schemes was recognized by the people of the state and appreciated by them. Without knowing the feeling of people Pawan Kalyan made malicious comments against them, he lashed out.

“I vehemently condemn Pawan Kalyan’s allegation that volunteers are involved in human trafficking,” Alla Nani stated. The people of the state are not in a position to trust the allegations of Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalayn, he felt.

Mayor Sheik Noorjahan, AMC chairman N Chiranjeevulu, EDA chairperson M Eeshwari Balaram, ZP chairperson Ganta Padmasri and Sahitya Academy chairperson P Srilakshmi were among those attended. More than 1500 volunteers attended the meeting.

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