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YSRCP moves Amarnath from Anakapalli to Gajuwaka

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The YSRCP’s announcement of State Industries Minister Gudivada Amarnath as their candidate for the Gajuwaka Assembly constituency has set off a wave of excitement among party members. Previously representing Anakapalli, Amarnath has been directed by the party leadership to contest for the Gajuwaka seat, sparking enthusiasm among supporters who rallied at his residence in Mindi to offer congratulations and support.
Amarnath’s connection to Gajuwaka runs deep, with his family’s political lineage dating back to his grandfather’s tenure as the inaugural MLA from the region in 1978. Continuing this legacy, his father also served as an MLA, earning the trust and respect of the constituency. Their contributions have cemented the Gudivada family’s place in Gajuwaka’s history.
In his address to the media, Amarnath reaffirmed his allegiance to Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s vision, pledging to uphold the trust placed in him. He highlighted the YSRCP’s inclusive approach, particularly in prioritizing marginalized communities such as BCs, SCs, STs, and minorities in candidate selection.
Amarnath contrasted the YSRCP’s stance with that of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), criticizing the latter’s perception of BCs as merely a business class while emphasizing the YSRCP’s recognition of them as integral to society. As Gudivada Amarnath steps into the fray to represent Gajuwaka, he not only carries forward a family legacy but also vows to champion the values of integrity, inclusivity, and progress set forth by Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy and the YSRCP.

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