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YSRCP opposes relaxation of postal ballot norms by EC

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A delegation of YSRCP leaders, spearheaded by former minister Perni Venkataramaah (Nani), convened with the Additional Chief Electoral Officer on Tuesday to express concerns over the relaxation of norms for postal ballot counting in Andhra Pradesh. Joining Nani were YSRCP leaders Merugu Nagarjuna and Lella Appireddy, among others.
Addressing the media following the meeting, former minister Perni Nani highlighted the Election Commission’s recent directive, which stated that Form 13 A postal ballots bearing the Returning Officer’s signature but lacking a stamp should not be rejected.
Nani raised questions about the EC’s decision, specifically targeting its selective relaxation of rules in the Telugu state. He emphasized that EC guidelines clearly state that Form 13 A postal ballots must bear the unmistakable signature of a gazetted authority and be properly sealed.
Expressing concerns, the YSRCP leader cautioned that the relaxation could potentially lead to disputes and compromise the secrecy of votes. He urged EC officials to reconsider their stance on the directive regarding postal ballot counting.
Meanwhile, Minister Meruga Nagarjuna criticized the opposition party’s cadre for inciting chaos and perpetrating violent acts during and after the May 13 polls in the state. He held the EC accountable for failing to adequately address the situation and called for an immediate withdrawal of the recent directive.
MLC Lella Appireddy emphasized the necessity for the Election Commission to uphold democratic principles impartially, dismissing allegations raised by the TDP regarding counting irregularities. He urged the EC to take decisive action, ensuring its decisions are devoid of bias.
MLA Maddali Giri, former Minister Ravela Kishore Babu, and Party Grievance Cell president Narayana Murthy were also present.

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