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YSRCP, TDP MLAs come to blows

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The Andhra Pradesh Assembly plunged into pandemonium as YSRCP and Opposition MLAs came to blows on Monday. It all began with TDP members staging a protest seeking revocation of GO No. 1. They moved into the well of the House and the situation went out of control after they surrounded the Speaker holding placards and hurling pieces of agenda papers at him. In the melee, YSRCP MLA TJR Sudhakar Babu was injured. With TDP legislators covering Speaker Tammineni Sitaram’s face with placards, YSRC MLAs went to his rescue by rushing to the podium. However, marshals entered the scene and brought the situation under control. Later, the Speaker suspended the TDP members for a day.

As usual, on Monday too, the House proceedings began at 9 am with the Question Hour.

The TDP MLA stood in their allocated seats and demanded an adjournment motion on GO No. 1. However, the Speaker did not concede the demand of the opposition members. However, the TDP members repeatedly continued their protests, disrupting the House proceedings.

After some time, the TDP members moved towards the podium raising slogans, tearing the agenda papers, and throwing them over the Speaker.

TDP MLA Dola Veerajaneya Swamy and two other legislators moved toward the Speaker’s Chair and raised slogans and even tried to attack him with placards.

Fearing that the TDP members might attack the Speaker, YSRCP member Sudhakar Babu rushed to the podium resulting in a brawl with the Opposition members, resulting in an injury to Sudhakar. A few more treasury members rushed to the podium and the marshals had to bring the situation under control.

The marshals sent the TDP MLAs back to their seats on the instructions of the Speaker. The TDP members protested by squatting on the floor while a few stood at their seats, creating obstacles to the House proceedings.

The ruling party members requested the Speaker to keep the House in order time and again. With no other option left, the Speaker suspended the TDP members. As TDP MLA Veerajaneya Swamy was reluctant, the marshals took him out of the House while other TDP members moved out as the marshals moved toward them.

Later, the YSRCP members insisted that the TDP MLAs be suspended for the rest of the Assembly sessions for the smooth function of the house for the remaining three days. They termed it a ‘Black Day for Democracy’ and sought stringent action against the perpetrators.

The suspended TDP members are B Ashok, K Atchannaidu, Nimmakayala Chinarajappa, Ganababu, Velagapudi Ramakrishna Babu, Mantena Ramaraju, Gottipati Ravi Kumar, Yeluru Sambashiva Rao, Dola Sri Bala Veeranjaneya Swamy, G Buchaiah Chowdary and Gadde Rammohan Rao.

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