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YSRCP’s tirade on Naidu ahead of his meeting with BJP brass

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YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) leaders have launched a preemptive strike on opposition
leader Chandrababu Naidu, ahead of any potential alliance with the BJP.
Highlighting past animosities, Tourism Minister RK Roja reminded the public of Naidu’s derogatory remarks towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Roja emphasised Naidu’s history of political opportunism, citing instances of TDP workers’ protests against Modi and the BJP, including the controversial involvement of Modi’s family.
“Naidu’s track record of betrayal and opportunism is well-documented,” Roja stated, urging Modi to remain cautious of aligning with him.
Roja also recalled the disgraceful treatment of Amit Shah by TDP leaders during a visit to Tirupati, illustrating Naidu’s inconsistent alliances for personal gain. Criticizing Naidu’s recent attempts to reconcile with the BJP as “demeaning politics,” she questioned his ethical standards and accused him of prioritizing power over principles.
Education Minister Botsa Satyanaryana refrained from commenting until the alliance
between TDP and BJP was formalised, while other leaders condemned Naidu’s fickle
nature, likening him to a chameleon for his frequent ideological shifts.
Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy asserted that Naidu’s pursuit of the BJP’s support stemmed from his inability to contend with the YSRCP independently.
Reddy suggested that Naidu’s readiness to align with any political entity showcased
his desperation to cling to power, regardless of ideology or integrity.

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