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2.45 lakh kg ganja seized in 2022: DGP

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Andhra Pradesh DGP KV Rajendranath Reddy has said that the AP Police seized 2,45,000 kg of ganja in the year 2022 year while 70 percent was from Odisha State. The DGP said that the Police department was destroying illegal ganja farming and creating awareness towards diversion to other crops to eliminate the Ganja menace. He said that Ganja cultivation has reduced during November and December due to strict action by the police department and destroying Ganja on 480 acres by Greyhounds Special Parties.

The AP DGP said that in the first phase, Greyhounds special parties camped for five days in the areas where Ganja was available, and in the second phase again Greyhounds special parties were sent to destroy ganja crop.

He said that the special parties of Greyhounds, SIB and District Force were galvanised to take up the destruction of ganja in a very big way. He further explained that Ganja was also seized in a very big way in various towns and cities, which was being transported from agency areas.

DGP Rajendranath Reddy said that in most of the cases, the seized ganja was coming from Malkangiri District of Odisha State and Ganja cultivation is still prevalent there. He felt that there is a need to undertake similar operations in the neighboring states so that Ganja cultivation and transportation can be totally eliminated. He said that the Police department with the help of State government, agriculture and Horticulture departments bringing awareness among farmers to shun ganja cultivation and diverting them towards alternative crops like coffee, pepper, mango, cashew nut, paddy, rubber, garlic, lime, cotton, green chillies and others.

He stated that this year, in various cases, throughout the State, 2,45,000 kgs of Ganja was seized.

He further stated that in Eluru Range, 64,832.64 KGs ganja was destroyed on Friday and in Visakhapatnam Range, 1,80,000 KGs Ganja will be destroyed on Saturday. He said that the rest of seized ganja stocks would be destroyed on December 25 and 26 in Guntur Range and Visakhapatnam City, Kurnool and Anantapur jurisdictions.

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