Friday, December 1, 2023

24×7 water supply will be piloted in Sanathnagar

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BRS party Working President KT Rama Rao said that Talasani Srinivas Yadav is a leader who is always in public and not just during elections.
KTR added that it was CM KCR’s dream to provide a 24-hour water supply to all, similar to Western countries. He added that the pilot for this programme will take place in the Sanathnagar constituency.
Talking about development that took place in healthcare infra in Hyderabad, KTR said that there were only Osmania, Gandhi, and NIMS hospitals in the city before the State formation, and after becoming the CM, KCR has set up 350 basthi dawakhanas and four TIMS hospitals in Hyderabad. He added that free diagnosis tests were being done for the people through T Diagnostics.
Talking about the development that took place in Sanathnagar, KTR said that the BRS had developed Vaikunta Dhamam in Balkampet, stepwell in Bansilalpet and improved the roads in the area.
Highlighting the communal harmony that prevails in Hyderabad, KTR said that there were no incidents of riots or any other religion-based disturbances in the city and the credit goes to BRS government and CM KCR for maintaining law and order. He added that CM KCR never did politics in the name of region and religion.
KTR stated that people from different communities celebrate all the festivals here which shows the secular nature of the city. KTR said that Hyderabad plays a key role in the development of Telangana and if peace here is disturbed it will impact the entire State.
KTR, who recently visited Nilofer cafe in Hyderabad, had interacted with the owner of the cafe and other customers. Quoting the Nilofer cafe owner’s words, KTR stated that the people who run businesses in the city wanted KCR government, or else the business fraternity fears losses in their business.
KTR ridiculed the statement of Revanth Reddy where the latter said he would create jobs by setting up a place for all street vendors who could sell vegetables 24/7.
KTR stated that the Congress brings in political instability and the BJP disturbs peace and harmony. He appealed to the gathering to ensure BRS party wins the elections to keep the development wheels of Telangana running.

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