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31 red sanders logs seized, two smugglers arrested

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The police seized 31 red sander logs and arrested two most wanted red sander smugglers.
Superintendent of police K Chakravarti told the media here on Thursday, a police party led by CI Ramakrishna and RI Chiranjeevulu conducted combing in the forest area at Krishnapuram, Mallemadugu and Kakambadi areas. They noticed a car at the Amar Raja factory. When the police team approached the car, the two smugglers tried to flee but the police apprehended them. The police found 31 red sander logs at the place which were kept ready to be transported.

The police seized the 31 red sander logs worth Rs 20 lakh, six mobile phones, and the car. The police also found a police uniform in the car. The smugglers were posing as police by wearing the uniform.

They arrested two red sander smugglers Sk. Cehmpatilal Basha and Sk. Champati Jakier were siblings who were involved in 89 red sander smuggling cases. The SP announced rewards to the police officials for arresting two notorious red sander siblings and seizing 31 red sander logs.

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