Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Consummate officials, if backed to the hilt by political bosses, do their job thoroughly, though the specifics of their accomplishments may differ depending on the exigencies of the situation. After Jayesh Ranjan nearly doubled investments in Telangana State as CM Revanth Reddy’s man Friday during the World Economic Forum at Davos, there was speculation that the new investment pipeline ‘hurt’ former minister KT Rama Rao. That perceived rift seems to be no longer there, going by how KTR had jumped to the defence of Jayesh recently like any understanding ex-boss. When newshounds drew KTR’s attention to a story against the Telangana startup ecosystem and how the bureaucrat in question (Jayesh) had switched sides; KTR interestingly remarked: “That official – he called and told me ‘I said something and they wrote something else’. I said, “Leave it”. KTR then added for good measure: “Officials have not changed, but some specific media”. With information regarding KTR’s strong defence of Jayesh now in the public domain, the whispers in the corridors of power are the bureaucrat could be moved sooner than later.

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