Saturday, April 13, 2024


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When regimes change, apart from the outgoing Ministers, blue-eyed boys (ok, ok girls) of the administrative wings too get displaced. When this happens, the one thing that most inquisitive people, particularly the media, like to watch is whether the cream of officials, particularly those perceived as unapproachable and a cut above the rest, go with the flow and meet the new Executive head. Former CM Secretary Smita Sabharwal, after a prolonged guessing game in social media and other circles over her studied distance from the new Chief Minister, at last met Revanth Reddy. The grapevine has it that this is perhaps the longest time that a bureaucrat took to meet a newly elected CM. As Member-Secretary Finance Commission, she posted on X that she had called on Telangana CM and sought all support to make SFC a robust policy and reform instrument for Telangana. Some of the bureaucratic circles were no doubt expecting an accompanying reel and a bit more, but the simple photo she had posted speaks a lot about the message she wanted to convey.

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