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Different flags, same agenda: Naidu

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Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu has said that despite differences in flags, the shared agenda remains the welfare of the people.
Addressing a large gathering at the Boppudi ‘Prajagalam’ public meeting, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the chief guest, Naidu reaffirmed the confidence in the NDA forming governments both at the Centre and in the State. “There is no room for doubt; it is the NDA that will lead both at the Centre and in the State,” Naidu asserted.
In extending a warm welcome to Modi on behalf of the five crore people of the State, the TDP supremo framed the meeting as a platform to rejuvenate the State, fulfilling the aspirations of its citizens and working towards their welfare. Naidu stressed that the collaboration between TDP, Jana Sena, and BJP is solely aimed at advancing the people’s goals, emphasizing that the forthcoming elections will determine the State’s future.
Urging voters to support the NDA, Naidu portrayed Modi not merely as an individual but as a transformative force elevating India onto the global stage. Highlighting Modi’s vision for a poverty-free nation, Naidu called upon the public to join hands in this endeavour, asserting that now is the opportune moment for a developed India, with the entire nation, including the State, standing by Modi to achieve this goal.
Expressing dismay at the state of affairs under Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy, Naidu criticised the mismanagement of natural resources, alleging that the State has been transformed into a hub for illegal activities. He deplored the lack of basic infrastructure and the high levels of unemployment, blaming the current administration for the decline in living standards and peace of mind among the populace.
Accusing Jagan Mohan Reddy of politicising governance through false allegations against opposition leaders, Naidu painted a grim picture of the State’s condition. Referring to dissent within Jagan Reddy’s own family, Naidu highlighted the disillusionment among the people with the current regime.
Naidu urged the public to rally behind the NDA, emphasizing that only this alliance could salvage the State. Expressing confidence in the NDA’s prospects nationwide, Naidu appealed to the electorate to ensure victory in all 25 seats in the State. “We will shoulder the responsibility of rebuilding the State,” Naidu assured.

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