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‘Poll code to be enforced strictly’

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State Chief Electoral Officer, Mukesh Kumar Meena, has issued directives to District Election Officers for the immediate removal of hoardings, posters, and cutouts featuring political announcements in government offices and public spaces following the enforcement of the election code of conduct. He specifically instructed the Guntur District Collector to promptly take down unauthorised hoardings in the vicinity of the State secretariat and along Karakatta road. Additionally, he mandated swift disciplinary action against election officials who have failed to assume their duties promptly.
The CEO conducted a thorough review of measures implemented by District Election Officers via video conference on Sunday to ensure stringent adherence to the Election Code of Conduct, which became effective statewide immediately after the announcement of the election schedule on Saturday evening.
During the session, the CEO emphasized that as per the election code of conduct, unauthorized political advertisements must be removed from public offices and areas within 24 hours of the election schedule announcement and 48 hours from private locations. He urged flying squads to conduct extensive field tours and rigorously enforce these regulations. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of district election officers promptly submitting district election management plans to facilitate the formulation of a comprehensive state election management plan. To this end, the CEO instructed that district election management plans be submitted to his office by today evening without further delay.
He stressed the necessity of expeditious action on complaints received through C-Vigil within 100 minutes, on complaints from the Election Commission on the same day, on media-reported complaints within 24 hours, and on other grievances. Reviewing the status of several cases filed in the State High Court, he underscored the need for immediate provision of factual reports related to these cases to inform further action. He also urged magisterial officers to promptly forward proposals to relevant departments.
The meeting was attended by Additional CEOs P Koteswara Rao, MN Harendhira Prasad, Joint CEO Venkateswara Rao, Deputy CEOs K Visveswara Rao, S Mallibabu, Section Officer Srinivasa Rao, and all district election officers.

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