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Aarya director wants to create a whole series on Sikandar Kher’s character ‘Daulat’

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Director Ram Madhvani has expressed his desire to make a series or film centred on Sikandar Kher’s character Daulat from the International Emmy-nominated Disney+ Hotstar crime thriller series, Aarya.

Ram and Sikandar are presently working on the third instalment of Aarya. During a recent live session, Ram recalled how he was impressed with Sikandar’s performance as Daulat, especially the emotion and intensity in his eyes. He then said he would like to make a spin-off title focused on Daulat.

“There is a certain sensitivity, hurt, vulnerability, emotion and guilt in Daulat… All of which came through without you saying anything and just emoting with your eyes. All I had to do is put some music and it was done,” Ram says, adding, “There is a certain samurai quality to Daulat. The samurai tradition in cinema has been in French movies and Hollywood movies and of course Japanese movies. Besides the guy being well-built and tall, there is a certain stillness and silence in him that’s very Samurai-like.”

Building on this thought, Ram expressed, “So there are two things. I want to make a film or series on Daulat alone. And secondly, at some point, Sikandar, we have to do a comedy on a character who is like a Samurai.”

Delighted with the idea, Sikandar responds, “That will be mad. The thought is amazing! It’s so spoofy and crazy. That’s the greatest thing I have heard. You will make a great comedy director since you laugh genuinely at things.”

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