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Adulterated milk linked to alarming growth delays in infants

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Parents who newly embark on the journey of parenthood, easily get possessive when it comes to their child’s health and nutrition. Well, their possessiveness is totally justified as their baby is in the infant stage and needs to be taken care of with more attention and should be provided with proper nutrition. For infants, milk is the basic and main source of food

Now the problem that arises nowadays is contaminated milk and its effect on a newborn’s overall development.

Adulterated milk is one that is contaminated or diluted by individuals for the sake of earning business profit. Newborns who are consuming this milk are not provided with sufficient nutrients that they actually require for proper growth and development in that initial stage. Vegetable oil, wheat flour, and other harmful substances are added as adulterants for profit-gaining techniques.

The Growth Days

The initial years of a newborn are considered a very crucial time for the child’s overall growth and development. During that period, their brain and body rapidly develop, so that s why proper nutrition needs to ensure the healthy growth of the child.
Now the problem that arises nowadays is about contaminated milk and its effect on a newborn’s overall development.

Adulterated Milk and Growth Delays

Many researches and studies have found a connection between adulterated milk intake and the infant consuming it. Comparatively the infant not consuming it is not providing the essential nutrients through that adulterated milk to the child that they actually need for growth and development as compared with the child not consuming that milk.
Malnutrition:    A baby’s overall growth depends upon essential nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamins which are frequently lacking in adulterated milk. Due to this infants may be considered malnutrition due to stunted growth and developmental disabilities.
Gastrointestinal Issues: Baby’s sensitive digestive system can be affected which may cause Many health issues like stomach cramps or diarrhea due to the presence of adulterants in milk.

Weakened Immune System:  It is always said that a strong base is the backbone of everything. That is directly related to the nutrients the child consumes in the initial stages are the backbone of the immune system of the child in the future. So adulterated milk consumption for infants may cause weak immune systems which can lead to their bodies getting infected easily by diseases and infections

Cognitive Development: Adulterated milk consumption can lead to a delay in cognitive development of a child as proper nutrition will be lacking which will somewhere become a type of hindrance for brain development.

Dental Problems:  An infant’s milk teeth can be harmed if adulterants like sugar are present in excess quantity then advised.

The Role of Parents

Parents need to be extra careful while giving their infants powdered milk. You can adopt the following actions to make sure that your child receives the proper nourishment they require:

Source Trusted Brands: Always prefer milk brands from trusted and reputable brands and suppliers. Also, cross-check for the certifications of the product and reviews of the customers.

Examine Packaging: Always check if there is any damage to the packaging of the product and if the seal is properly intact or not.

Ask Questions: Do not hesitate to enquire regarding the source of milk and the processing methods.

Breastfeeding: Always prefer breastfeeding for your child as it will provide all the nutrition required for the baby. It is completely natural food for infants.

Consult a Pediatrician: A routine checkup with your pediatrician can help you monitor the child’s growth and development. Also, they can prescribe the best for the child’s well-being.
Well, it is very essential to keep an eye on what your baby is consuming and how it affects your baby whether positive or negative. Contaminated or adulterated milk can cause your baby more health issues. During the initial years, the child needs to be provided with the best possible nutrition as this is the base of their growth and overall development. Always look for safe and certified nourishing products for your child. Keep in mind that your one careful step can save your child from future diseases and weaknesses.
(The author, Aman Jain, is the Co-founder, and CEO, of Doodhvale.)

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