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AIG hospital develops new 5-minute biopsy technology

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AIG Hospitals on Wednesday announced the introduction of ‘VivaScope,’ a revolutionary instant digital pathology technology. This groundbreaking innovation sets a new standard in the Asia Pacific region, transforming the landscape of gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy, GI Surgery, and Pathology with its ability to provide biopsy results in as little as 5 minutes.
Traditionally, the process of obtaining tissue samples and awaiting their analysis has been a time-consuming challenge in the medical field and usually takes up to 5 days. With the introduction of ‘VivaScope,’ AIG Hospitals offers a solution that significantly reduces biopsy time to within 5 minutes allowing for real-time diagnosis and treatment planning, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.
Dr D Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman, AIG Hospitals, emphasised the significance of this technology, stating, “This technology is undeniably a leap forward in the field of GI endoscopy with the ability to provide immediate tissue sections in the endoscopy room itself, setting a new standard in assessment and quicker treatment decisions. This is particularly crucial in urgent cases, especially pertaining to GI cancers where immediate decisions are required.”
The  advantages of  digital pathology are as follows:  Rapid diagnoses within minutes, enabling quicker treatment decisions; Fresh tissue examination immediately after excision without lengthy procedures; Remote and on-site access for pathologists, facilitating collaboration and improving; Enhanced surgical workflows and patient management through real-time analysis and large-scale image sharing. accuracy; Valuable applications in research, education and routine pathology practice.
Dr GV Rao, Director, AIG Hospitals, highlighted the transformative impact of this technology on endoscopic surgeries and GI cancers, stating, “In Surgical Gastroenterology, 5-min Rapid On-site Biopsy Using VIVASCOPE, promises to be of great help as identifying pathology on table can drastically improve surgical outcome and has multiple advantages over traditional frozen section biopsy which takes longer time to analyse.”

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