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Airport Metro crossing many flyovers proves big challenge

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The Airport Metro which is designed cross through many flyovers is a major challenge, particularly Mindspace and Biodiversity junctions.

Adviser (Civil Engineering), HAML and former Member Engineering, Railway Board, Subodh Jain, inspected the proposed alignment along with HAML MD NVS Reddy and senior engineers of HAML on Saturday to study the technical challenges involved in the stretch from Raidurg station to Nanakramguda junction and to suggest possible solutions. Crossing Mindspace Junction at a height of about 21 meters (69 feet), which has an underpass, rotary and flyover is a major challenge for Hyderabad Airport Metro.

For Mindspace junction, options of laying the metro viaduct with smaller spans using pre-stressed concrete girders and going for ‘in situ,’ that is, on-site construction or erection of a 90 metre (295 feet) long special span with composite steel girders will be examined by officials. “While deciding span lengths, girder type and construction method the drawings of the underpass, rotary and flyover will be obtained from the GHMC and analysed at Mindspace Junction,” HMR MD NVS Reddy said in a statement said. The Airport Metro viaduct crossing the multi-level flyover at Biodiversity Junction at a height of about 20 meters (66 feet) is another engineering challenge. Airport Metro pillars will be placed away from the flyover pillars in a staggered way to avoid danger to the foundations of the flyover pillars. The obligatory span crossing over the flyover can be ‘cast in situ’ pre-stressed concrete girders.

The design options for the new integrated Raidurg station of the extended metro corridor 3 (blue line) and the Airport Metro station will be examined by officials mainly from the angle of passenger convenience. This multi-level interchange station will be designed in such a way as to avoid shifting of the extra high voltage 400 KV underground cables adjacent to it.

Nanakramguda Junction station will have to be designed as a portal structure, that is, with three pillars, one in the central median and a pillar each on both edges of the road, as the road median is curves and the station is required to be nearer to the junction to cater to traffic coming from different directions and roads.

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