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All arrangements being made at Vemulawada for Shivaratri

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All arrangements are being made for celebration of Maha Shivaratri from March 7 to 9 at the famous pilgrimage center of Vemulawada on a grand scale.
Lakhs of devotees will throng the pilgrimage centre not only from parts of Telangana but also from other states.  All amenities are being provided for tourists at a cost of Rs 2.54 crore.
Temple walls and gopurams have been given a fresh coat of colours spending Rs 7.4 lakh. Works related to painting the other temples on the premises of the temple complex are under way.
Pandals have been erected at parking places and for the benefit of the tourists taking shelter in the temple town. Three temporary urinals and temporary toilets have been provided in the town for the benefit of the pilgrims.
Works related to erection of barricades at various places in the town to regulate the flow of the traffic is under way. The temple has been beautifully decorated with electric lamps. A mission Kakatiya pipeline has been laid direct into the temple pond. Works related to construction of VIP queue line are under way.
The road development works at parking place taken up at a cost of Rs 10 lakh have neared completion. Ramps have been constructed at two places for the benefit of the vehicles reaching the place. Development of drainages is underway in the town.

Pandals have also been erected for the benefit of devotees who keep awake all through the night. The CCTV cameras are being fixed at various vantage positions in the town. The officials have stepped up intensify of the execution of the works to comple them prior to commencement of the festival.
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