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Revanth asks teachers to teach English to avoid being mocked

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Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy urged teachers to teach English to their students so that they are not mocked at. He said that his English speaking skills are being mocked by people who studied in Guntur and Gudivada.
He also called upon teachers to teach about good touch and bad touch and addictions.
Taking a jibe at KTR, Revanth said, “I also studied in government schools and today became the Chief Minister because of the education provided in government schools. I did not study in Guntur or Gudivada and some people who studied in Guntur or somewhere else were mocking CM’s English. People in China, Japan and Germany are not speaking English but those countries are developing fast and competing with the world in manufacturing. English is a language. It is useful for getting employment in the world.”
Revanth Reddy suggested that the teachers should teach English, which gives job opportunities in the world today and ensure every student should possess good communication skills. Children should be taught good language and patriotism and they will become the rulers tomorrow. Revanth Reddy said that the previous government claimed it established Gurukul schools but there were no basic facilities in the institutions.

He appealed to the people to evaluate his government’s performance in the last three months and give a mandate in the ensuing elections. He urged people to discuss the government works in their villages. Government and his Cabinet colleagues are working with the idea of supporting the poor and fulfilling their aspirations.
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