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Ambati demands re-polling in 6 stations

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Minister for Irrigation Ambati Rambabu has lodged a formal complaint with the Election Commission of India (ECI), alleging lapses in law enforcement during polling. He demanded re-polling in six stations across three villages within the Sattenapalli constituency, situated in Palnadu district.
Speaking at a press briefing on Tuesday, Rambabu criticised the Police department for its failure to maintain order during the voting process, even after the replacement of key officials including the DGP, IGP, and SPs.
In Kota Ganesunipadu, Palnadu District, TDP leaders allegedly incited violence by vandalizing homes and causing injuries. The incident, which occurred overnight, particularly targeted the residences of BCs, whom they accused of supporting the YSR Congress party.
Women and children bore the brunt of the assault, with some seeking refuge in a nearby temple to evade the aggression of TDP leaders.
YSRCP leaders, including MP candidate Anil Kumar Yadav and MLA Kasu Mahesh Reddy, visited the affected village to interact with residents and condemn the attacks.
Addressing the media, Mahesh Reddy highlighted the failure of law enforcement to prevent the violence despite prior warnings. He emphasized the need for increased police presence and swift action against the perpetrators. Questions were raised regarding the adequacy of police response and their failure to intervene during the attacks.
Mahesh Reddy called for immediate action, urging the authorities to arrest the TDP leaders responsible within 24 hours. The incident underscores the ongoing tensions in Palnadu and the imperative for effective measures to ensure peace and security in the region.
He voiced concerns about potential collusion between certain officers and opposition figures.
The minister highlighted irregularities at polling booths 253 and 254 in Dammalapadu village, 236 and 247 in Narnepadu village, and 297 and 295 in Cheemalamarri village, calling attention to instances of electoral malpractice.
Rambabu recounted an encounter with CI Nagaraju, who advised him to stay indoors. Subsequently, he learned from SP Bindumadhav that the ECI had issued a directive for his house arrest, which he complied with.
Expressing further grievances, Rambabu noted the alleged disparity in treatment between himself and his political rival, Kanna Lakshminarayan, claiming the latter had unhindered access to polling stations. Despite lodging complaints with senior police officials, including the SP, DSP, and CI, he felt his concerns were inadequately addressed.
In a separate assertion, Rambabu asserted a significant wave of support for the ruling party, particularly among women voters. Citing anecdotal evidence from his own polling station visit, he claimed a substantial turnout of women who, he believes, favoured the YSRCP as a vote of confidence in Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s governance.

Rambabu attributed this sentiment to the government’s welfare initiatives, particularly those aimed at empowering women economically through financial aid and housing schemes. He concluded by predicting a resounding victory for the YSRCP in the upcoming elections, buoyed by the enthusiastic participation of female voters across the State.

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