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Palnadu remains tense as violence continues TDP workers target homes of YSRCP supporters belonging to weaker sections

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YSRCP MLA Mahesh Reddy calls on victims
ADGP Bagchi confirms incidents in Palnadu
Kasu criticises police for ‘inadequate’ response’
Arrest of TDP leaders demanded to restore peace.

A day after violence broke out, Palnadu continued to be tense on Tuesday following incidents of post-poll violence allegedly perpetrated by TDP workers. The unrest unfolded in Kothaganeshunipadu village, where the homes of people supporting the ruling YSRCP were targeted.
According to police reports, TDP activists stormed the village on Monday night, launching attacks on residents.
In response to the violence, YSRCP Gurazala MLA K. Mahesh Reddy visited the affected village on Tuesday to express solidarity with the victims.
Despite efforts to maintain control by Shankha Brata Bagchi, ADGP of Law & Order, isolated incidents continue to emerge in the Palnadu district.
Bagchi, while acknowledging the situation, assured that measures are being taken to restore normalcy. He remained stationed in the district until the early hours of the morning, overseeing the situation in areas like Macherla, Rentichintala, and Narasaraopeta, which witnessed disturbances.
The turmoil stemmed from political tensions post-elections, with violent outbursts reported across various parts of Andhra Pradesh.
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In Kota Ganesunipadu, Palnadu District, TDP leaders allegedly incited violence by vandalizing homes and causing injuries. The incident, which occurred overnight, particularly targeted the residences of BCs, whom they accused of supporting the YSR Congress party.
Women and children bore the brunt of the assault, with some seeking refuge in a nearby temple to evade the aggression of TDP leaders.
YSRCP leaders, including MP candidate Anil Kumar Yadav and MLA Kasu Mahesh Reddy, visited the affected village to interact with residents and condemn the attacks.
Addressing the media, Mahesh Reddy highlighted the failure of law enforcement to prevent the violence despite prior warnings. He emphasized the need for increased police presence and swift action against the perpetrators. Questions were raised regarding the adequacy of police response and their failure to intervene during the attacks.
Mahesh Reddy called for immediate action, urging the authorities to arrest the TDP leaders responsible within 24 hours. The incident underscores the ongoing tensions in Palnadu and the imperative for effective measures to ensure peace and security in the region.

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