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Annapurna Photo Studio: Innocence abounds in this entertaining thriller

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This is a story set in the 1980s. Chanti (played by Chaitanya Rao) from Kapileswarapuram near Godavari attempts suicide by jumping from a cliff in a neighboring village. But luckily, he falls on a police jeep. At the same time, the police also get the suicide note written by him. The police admit him to the hospital and start reading the suicide note. They learn that Chanti runs ‘Annapurna Photo Studio’ in his hometown. He loves a girl named Gautami (played by Lavanya), and they both eventually fall in love. However, Lavanya comes to know that Chanti’s life is at risk according to his horoscope. But it is shown that Chanti accidentally commits murder while saving someone, and someone blackmails him with that footage. Did he really commit that murder? What does the blackmailer want from Chanti? Why did Chanti decide to commit suicide? Forms the remaining story.

Chaitanya Rao is gaining popularity by appearing in roles that suit his looks and physique. He got a similar role in this movie too. He scored good marks with his natural performance. He evokes humour too in many scenes.

Lavanya performed well and looked pretty decent in the movie. Popular as a serial actress, Uttara Reddy played the role of the hero’s sister in this movie and she gave a fine performance. Lalit Aditya was also okay. Vasu Inturi appeared as a constable and he was a relief in the movie as he generates some humour here and there. Producer Yash Rangineni also played a key role in this movie and also this is his first film as an actor. But he gave a good performance. Viva Raghav impresses with his trademark comedy. The rest of the actors acted according to the scope of their roles.

Chendu Muddu has once again chosen a story with a rural setting, but this time the movie is set in the 1980s. He keeps the audience engaged in the first with his screenplay.
There are twists and turns in the movie which will be revealed in the second half. Since the movie is set in the 1980s, cinematography plays a major role in establishing that mood, and cinematographer Pankaj Thottada did a great job with his visuals, which transports you to that world. The music by Prince Henry is also good, soothing, and entertaining, enhancing the story. However, the editing should’ve been a little better.
The production values were felt.

With a good dose of comedy, good cinematography, good music, and most importantly Chaitanya Rao’s performance, the movie is most likely to impress a certain set of audience.

Cast: Chaitanya Rao, Lavanya, Mihira, Uttara Reddy, Viva Raghav, Lalit Aditya, Vasu Inturi, and others
Director: Chandu Muddu
Music: Prince Henry
Cinematography: Pankaj Thottada
Producer: Yash Rangineni
Banner: Big Ben Cinemas

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