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AP enhances education systems with IB collaboration

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Samagra Shiksha Project Director B Srinivasa Rao has affirmed the commitment of Andhra Pradesh to enhancing its education system in collaboration with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum Teams. Rao emphasized the state’s readiness to provide the necessary technical expertise and support for the integration of the IB Curriculum in educational institutions across Andhra Pradesh. The IB curriculum teams, organized into three groups, conducted extensive visits to proprietary schools and educational institutions throughout the state over 10 days. A comprehensive review session was convened at the IB conference hall on Friday, attended by representatives from various countries who participated in the inspection, along with staff from the education department.
Rao outlined the state’s strategy to design educational policies aligned with international standards, aiming to improve teaching methodologies, learning processes, and evaluation procedures in schools.
Dr B Pratap Reddy, Director of the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT), highlighted the state’s preparedness and commitment to implementing the IB curriculum effectively. He emphasized the importance of incorporating suggestions from IB teams to develop robust education systems in the state.
Various initiatives such as bilingual textbooks, interactive learning tools like flat panels and tablets, utilization of smart TVs, TOEFL training, Mana Badi: Nadu – Nadu programs, and Gorumudda have already been implemented in schools across the state, according to Reddy.
Following the comprehensive inspections conducted by the IB team across Andhra Pradesh, foreign delegates commended the conducive learning environment for the implementation of the IB curriculum in the state. The delegation particularly praised the state’s efforts in improving school infrastructure, leveraging technology, ensuring cleanliness through centralized monitoring, implementing performance review apps, and integrating e-content and library usage.
The international team comprised individuals such as Aldo (Senior Manager of Curriculum Design) from Mexico, Eric Baber (Personal Development Specialist) from England, Allen (Curriculum Specialist), Michael Donovan (Associate Manager, Assessment Operations Transformation, England), and Kala Parasurama (Senior Manager, Equity and Inclusive Education) from India. Wendy Greene (Senior Manager, Post Authorization Policy and Design), Jen Pleszikoch (Senior Learning Architect Professional Development Delivery) from America-Washington, and other representatives from the SCERT State Assessment Cell also participated in the review.

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