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Intrigued by the significant rise of more environmentally friendly events

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Smita Shah is a visionary leader whose direction is the key to the continuous rise from unknown to top-ranking name in the event management sector! The focus of this interview series is on the personal lessons and insights that a successful entrepreneur like her has shared with us in one of our entrepreneurial interviews. Smita is the wonder woman behind Woot Factor! The full-service events and marketing agency, which specialises in corporate events and creatives and design, including more, is led by her.
She tells us quite clearly what she remembers: “I have always been drawn to the quest for financial stability, which developed via important responsibilities at JP Morgan, ICICI Prudential, and HSBC Bank. These experiences improved not only my financial literacy but also my ability to make decisions. I entered the dynamic world of events as an entrepreneur, drawn to the idea of entertaining audiences while also making a difference. Even though it was difficult at first, especially when juggling the technical nuances of the lights, stage, and sound, I made the most of my analytical abilities.”
This life-changing experience of moving from the finance industry to the events industry has greatly aided in both her career and personal development. “Being transparent is crucial to building a cohesive team and fostering an environment of open communication that is necessary for productive teamwork. I support a culture that is defined by adaptability and fair workload distribution! This methodical process has progressively fostered an environment of open communication,” she added.
One of the most important challenges in any situation is building trust. When one speaks up about the difficulties they face, it has always helped Smita identify gaps and take proactive measures to close them. This dedication to candid communication not only pinpoints areas in need of development but also creates a proactive atmosphere where obstacles are transformed into chances for advancement. She continues, “The strategic choice to start vertical alignment between the real estate and BFSI industries was a game-changer for me. My success in the BFSI industry was made possible by the chance to work with some of the largest Indian banks! It involved more than just planning events; it involved developing thorough, well-thought-out campaigns. A notable undertaking that epitomised this paradigm shift was my joint venture with ICICI Bank about the Champions League Rewards and Recognition initiative.”
In the real estate industry, her strategy changed dramatically at the same time when she collaborated with Godrej Properties on their project at RK Studios. With this change, she broke away from traditional event management and concentrated on crafting experiences that not only connected with the audience but also In this enlightening interview, she had so much more to say. For instance, “This industry has seen significant growth in recent years, which has allowed competitors to strive and coexist. We now have a competitive advantage over competitors in this market because of our strategic relationships. Going global has been an exciting adventure, and I have made conscious efforts. My ability to successfully execute international events in many locations, like Pattaya, Dubai, and Istanbul, has been a noteworthy component of this progress. Operating in foreign or unfamiliar environments comes with its own set of hurdles because of differences in cultural quirks.”
Her group thoroughly investigates the nation and city in which the event is to be held. It is imperative that she comprehends regional norms, legislation, and inclinations to guarantee that her events blend in perfectly with the local culture. Through a thoughtful development of her network and an awareness of the distinctive qualities of every foreign site, she wants to surmount obstacles and go on producing outstanding events throughout the world!
“An event’s planning requires careful consideration at every stage and a sharp mind to guarantee perfect execution. It’s like navigating a thrilling journey where you feel the rush of adrenaline with every step! Difficulties develop according to the many terrains one encounters while travelling. Despite these difficulties, the vitality and energy that permeate every occasion are ultimately gratifying. Women have greatly benefited from flexible work arrangements, which have helped them achieve a greater work-life balance. I really think that the secret to working efficiently in the workplace is personal contentment, which emphasises the significance of self-care. Optimism is essential when facing professional problems, especially during critical periods. It’s important not to let criticism stop you, in spite of possible judgment. Normalising progressive narratives about women is essential to our growth and collective strength.”
She is particularly interested in the important trend of more sustainable events. As environmental awareness has become increasingly important on a global scale, she is continuously investigating and incorporating sustainable techniques into her event management. To lessen her carbon footprint, this entails using sustainable technologies, cutting waste, and implementing eco-friendly event supplies!

Furthermore, “she understands the power of narrative and how it shapes unforgettable experiences. She incorporates stories into every idea she comes up with. This narrative component gives a unique touch while also strengthening the audience’s emotional bond with the event. I have travelled a lot, which has given me unique cultural experiences and the ability to interact with people from other backgrounds. Socialising reveals diverse viewpoints, beliefs, and styles, which deepens my comprehension of the human psyche! Innovative ideas can be discovered with an open mind. My professional trajectory has been greatly aided by the insights I have received from these situations, which highlight the significance of keeping promises. Maintaining my groundedness is still essential to forming the meaningful work I produce.”
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