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‘Atlee sir did not use my close-ups, and I am the one responsible’

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A well-known actress in Kollywood, Leesha won praise for her outstanding work in the TV show Kanmani. She played the lead in the October 2018 Sun TV launch of the show. Her representation gained depth by filming in Georgia and India, which also greatly increased her exposure in the industry. But Atlee’s Jawan, her debut in Hindi cinema, was a turning point in her career. She could never have imagined starring in a movie with SRK! She remembers the bizarre time she met Atlee after being called by the casting team, which resulted in an audition and selection right away.
“I was raised in a pretty limited background and am essentially from Chennai. In the early stages of my career, I was given a prominent position. I had a tonne of proposals to be the lead heroine in movies as soon as the series came on. However, I was only slated to have a little part in Jawan, which didn’t bother me because it meant Shahrukh Khan and I would at least be sharing screen time. My primary goal was to increase my network in B-town with the help of Red Chillies Entertainment,” the actress established.
Aiming to demonstrate her acting skills in Hindi cinema, Leesha is thrilled with her present role and is eager to carve out a name for herself in Bollywood. She also hopes to further distinguish herself through a variety of films and web series. “Since the majority of homemakers are glued to it, I’m delighted I did a serial because it has only helped me become more well-known. Everything was in my hands as the serial’s main character, and I was loving that control! Although I would have wanted to work on more serials, I am unable to commit to such rigorous schedules. The fact that the serial was being filmed in Georgia was another factor in my decision to sign it,” added the Tamilian television actress.
In her upcoming Telugu film Right, costarring Bigg Boss Telugu title winner Kaushal, Leesha is expected to shine in the lead role. This movie is the Telugu version of a popular movie that has captured the attention of viewers in Tamil, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri, among other languages. This project is Leesha’s first excursion into Telugu cinema and demonstrates her adaptability and dedication to learning about other film industries.
She elaborated, “I received a message from the team on Instagram. I was unsure whether it was a joke on me, but after finding out about Kaushal’s fame on Google, I accepted the offer.”
But! She said that Rajnikanth was initially the big name she wanted to co-star with instead of Shahrukh Khan. Still, she made an effort to widen her web as an accepting actor. Her first dream since starting her career was to become a Tollywood heroine! She was asked to turn down Jawan’s offer by everyone because she was not given much screen time. After giving it some thought, she decided that it would, at the very least, be her first role in a Shah Rukh Khan film. However, her poor delivery of the dialogue meant that her close-ups were not used.
“You don’t get the luxury you want as an actress from serials. Tollywood is a happening place to be! Jawan then demonstrated to me what a luxurious set looks like. I think a whole serial could be filmed with the amount of money Jawan makers paid for a daytime set,” shared Balle Vellaiyathevaa fame. Since she grew up with Atlee films, she jumped at the chance to shoot the movie as soon as it was provided to her. “We had great chemistry right away when we first met. But I was floored as soon as he yelled “action.” The icing on the cake was being able to stand next to Vijay Sethupathi and Nayanthara. It has been a lengthy road for me, from taking their photos as an outsider to co-starring with them. In actuality, Vijay convinced me against doing retakes!”
She comes from no film background; her family works for the government. She is the first person in the entertainment industry, and the main reason for this is that she doesn’t fool anybody, least of all herself. She will always be appreciative of her first
project since she still uses a lot of its references.
“To be honest, serials have also made me more of a drama queen. I occasionally overreact!” concluded the actress on a hilarious note.
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