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AU varsity pays tribute to founder Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy

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In a heartfelt tribute to the visionary leader and founding Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University, Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy, the university community came together to celebrate his birth anniversary on Sunday morning.
The in-charge Vice Chancellor, Acharya K. Samatha, and Registrar Acharya M. James Stephen led the commemorative event at the AU administration building. The solemn occasion began with the garlanding of the idol of Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy, paying homage to his significant contributions to the development and establishment of Andhra University.
AU professors, officers, employees, and students participated in the programme, underscoring the collective appreciation for the founder’s enduring legacy.
The event served as a moment of reflection on the principles and values that Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy instilled in the institution.
In-charge VC Acharya K. Samatha spoke about the indelible mark left by Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy in shaping the academic landscape of Andhra University. The Registrar, Acharya M. James Stephen, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the continued relevance of the founder’s vision in guiding the university towards excellence.
The birth anniversary celebration not only honoured the memory of a distinguished academician but also fostered a sense of unity and pride among the Andhra University community. The participants expressed their gratitude to the visionary leadership that laid the foundation for the institution’s success.
The event concluded with a renewed commitment to uphold the ideals and values that Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy stood for, ensuring that his legacy continues to inspire generations of students, faculty, and staff at Andhra University.

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