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Avenues : 5 ways to boost employee morale in a downsized firm

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While layoffs are likely, managers need to have plans in place to maintain employee morale during their absence. Here are five methods for carrying it out.

Showcasing personal and professional growth
It is very important to be able to maintain a lean team and ensure every employee is seeing a personal and professional growth in any job they are pursuing. Ensuring employee’s success in their roles helps them be happy at workspace psychologically as well. Providing all the relevant tools and resources that help them do their job well will help them see the results and be motivated.

This does change from employee’s working at office and remotely. Employees working at the office might have a better edge at the resources, although it is important to create a roadmap and a plan where everyone is seeing a growth personally and professionally. Employees are expected to be open to learning as well and encouraging them to do better and offer resources and time for training will help the organization shape for future leadership roles.

Employee recognition
Include employee recognition and feedback as part of the entire company process which is transparent and helpful for employees to be motivated and excel better.

Activities might include from setting up fast track learning programs, building next gen leaders, setting targets and objectives. It is always good to motivate people on the positive front, as in the process there might be employees feeling let down on being unable to perform but it is essential everyone is part of the activities and looks at the positive side of hard work and determination. Recognitions might include any from setting employer of the month, giving extra perks for external fitness memberships, gift cards or more. Employee recognition might be of low cost but does showcase a high impact.

Employee feedback
Providing a medium to receive employee feedback is a very essential and helpful way to let them know that companies do care for their welfare and suggestions. When an employee sees the company hears them, they feel more welcomed and involved in all the growth of the company.

The culture of the company is essential, and teamwork does play a huge part in this. Employee feedback is also vital for growth of the company and will also help the performance, development of each individual and help’s the company shape up better objectives for each and every individual.

Team building activities
Team building activities will help in increasing productivity, collaborative work, enhance the workplace culture. It also helps in problem solving skills and reduces the dependency of the heads of the department as someone within the team starts to take initiatives that will help solve problems. Often, we observe such activities help in building newer ideas, solve problems and also boost morale. In most of the scenarios, it helps one understand the scope of work in a bigger spectrum as everyone from various perspectives do get involved.

Now as we have workplaces which are collaborating physically in real-time and remote, it is essential to include activities that involve everyone equally so the location doesn’t matter but the objective of an activity is truly achieved.

Train the next gen leaders
Companies often do look out for key roles to hire from the market but it is very important to know that the key to growth of the company is in building the current team and workforce in becoming the next leaders in the organization. It is important to observe who has the leadership skills and parallelly help the same workforce in also growing and strengthening their leadership abilities.

Employee retention has become one of the most spoken terms in the recent terms and it is essential to motivate the workforce, understand their motives and also help them in building their future teams which will help the growth of the company in the longer vision.

(The writer, Manikanth Challa, is the CEO and founder of Workruit)

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