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AVENUES :Researching- Books vs Internet

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Reading makes us feel intelligent and enlivened, Reading is more comfortable and imaginative, When we read a book, our brain starts functioning, our imagination gets wings, Imagination has the power to make you what you always desire, It’s not like as  internet has no value or is not useful, the internet is very valuable and useful, we can get information, knowledge both ways,

However, it is up to us to decide which information and knowledge we should rely on more; the internet provides many options related to the same topic, whereas a book is based on a single topic and usually contains all knowledge, information related to your interest within it; therefore, in the end, it is your choice and decision whether to rely on the internet or to compare both information, knowledge, and wisdom and then come to a conclusion.

This is, after all, a question for all time. Sadly, the answer has not yet been discovered.
Many people have tried to find an answer, but it all seems to come down to a few things:

.The subject matter you are researching,
.The period of time you have at your hands,
.And how in-depth you need your research to be.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both offline and online research. Let’s examine these benefits and drawbacks more closely.

Researching through books: Strengths and Drawbacks

Even though the Internet has been around for decades, books have stood the test of time. Therefore, the fact that books have been utilized as learning tools for hundreds of years is one of the earliest and most persuasive arguments in favor of reading them.

People who continually pushed the boundaries of technology have relied on books to learn from and have played a significant role in the rise of civilization. It could be argued that if books were good enough to mold Nikola Tesla into a genius, they should be good enough for us as well. Despite the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet today, books typically provide more comprehensive coverage of the topics you are researching.

Books are useful and timeless. To open a book and begin learning about the subject you are interested in, you do not require any device, battery, or connection. Because books are easy on the eyes, you could spend a lot more time researching everything you need to know without putting too much strain on your eyes.


Researching in books takes more time than it does on the internet. Because books lack a search feature, it is impossible to use keywords to find specific information.

Depending upon the subject, using books for study might be rather expensive. Since books are heavier, you might not always carry them anyplace.

Researching through the Internet: strengths and drawbacks

You can access more information on any subject on the Internet than you could ever consume in a working career. However, access to the Internet is relatively cheap, and you frequently do not have boundaries on the amount of time you can investigate.
Online research is fast, simple, and straightforward.Currently, as long as you have a gadget with Internet access and full power, you can do it from anywhere.


It is not something that you read online that can be trusted. Especially over the last few years, we all had to learn that lesson the hard way. Usually, the material is not organized as well as it is in Usually, the material is not organized as well as it is in books. Generally, the responses that people find on the internet to various topics, just touch the surface of the subject.

Why is book research superior to internet research?

Books will frequently prevail over the Internet despite being quicker, less expensive, and perhaps more convenient. This is why. Let’s imagine you want to pick up a new skill. Perhaps you’re thinking about changing careers, or you simply want to learn more about a certain subject. You might want to learn how to better manage the company you already own or you might want to establish your firm.You could find some solutions by conducting a quick Internet search for “how to be a successful entrepreneur”. On numerous websites, you may discover tens of hundreds of articles with several hundred words each, a few bullet points, and a “formula to success” certain to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Why are textbooks superior to the Internet?

However, when it comes to school learning, despite the obvious advantages of having access to the Internet, learning through books or textbooks is crucial. Why? For starters, all textbooks are authored by professionals, rather than professional writers or content writers. If you truly desire to learn statistics, for instance, a textbook is certainly the preferable option.It is authored by a statistics professor who has spent his whole life studying and teaching statistics. Another key component of textbooks, and yet another reason why they’re a lot superior learning tool in school, is that they have been designed in a way that allows you to better comprehend the concepts and understand and study them.


Overall, there shouldn’t be a conflict between books and the Internet. We feel that integrating the two, rather than focusing solely on one, yields the best results in study. Combining book reading with web research will almost certainly produce with the greatest outcomes.

(The writer, Dr. Ajit Kumar, is the director of Public Information Office, Sharda University)

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