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Avenues :Top 10 in-demand jobs in IT sector

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Over the last two years, the number of jobs requiring digital skills-based profiles has increased significantly. In the upcoming years, there is more room for diversification in these profiles, which range from technical to financial job roles. Undoubtedly, one of the industries with the fastest job growth is technology. One of the benefits of a career in technology is a high pay package, among others. Here is a list of some of the in-demand IT jobs:

Data scientist

In India, data scientists are the most sought-after and well-paid IT professionals. To help businesses make better and more timely decisions, data scientists analyze and interpret complex information. Professionals in data science are in high demand across industries and regions because businesses need people who can interpret data and help them use it to their advantage. To enter this field of work, only a high school diploma or equivalent is required.You also need to know the fundamentals of business to succeed as a data scientist. In comparison to other professions, the base salary for those working in the analytics sector is typically 36% higher. Among other analytical skills, they are familiar with machine learning, data modelling, machine algorithms, mathematics fundamentals, and coding (using Python, SAS, and R).

Big data engineer

Big data engineers are hired to manage billions of records using a variety of management techniques. Big data engineers are accountable for the development of superior algorithms, predictive models, and scalability-enabled data management systems. He or she plans, designs, and constructs the complete lifecycle of a huge big data application’s design and implementation. They convert unstructured data into useful information.

They are proficient in data modelling and mining, data visualisation, and programming, and are experts in Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL, among other analytical skills. Within the next four to five years, big data engineers will be among the most sought-after professionals.

Cloud or devOps engineer

The estimated global market for public cloud services is $331 billion. Cloud computing requires the deployment of services (storage, servers, and databases) via the Internet. In India, you can expect a 70 LPA salary for a cloud engineer based on expertise.Cloud engineers are currently in high demand and are also among the highest paid.IT experts known as cloud engineers are in-charge of designing, planning, managing, maintaining, and supporting the cloud infrastructure. Their main jobs are to create and implement policies for cloud services and make sure the environment is safe. In addition to working on application development, one of their main jobs is to help with deployment and network operations.

Full Stack Developer

The most difficult job in or out of India is that of a Full Stack Developer. He or she is in charge of creating the whole website and is an expert in the database, front-end, and back-end. They are those who are skilled in the web page maintenance and development phases. Additionally, they create APIs that allows two applications to communicate with one another. Moreover, startups employ an increasing number of Full Stack Developers to construct their products. Creating an e-commerce website is one example. Full-stack developers need expertise in a wide range of areas, including data structures and algorithms, web design and development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, application programming interfaces and databases, networking fundamentals, and problem-solving strategies.

Product manager

A product manager is another high-paying IT job in India. A product manager is in charge of the overall development of a product, which includes designing and building it and adding features based on what customers want. This is accomplished in conjunction with the web design staff. They also manage product lifecycle management and handle marketing activities. Product managers must have a fundamental understanding of product management tools such as JIRA and ASANA, as well as strong analytical, communication, and time management skills.

Blockchain engineer

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been hot topics in the industry, rising to one of the highest-paying jobs in India as digital payment adoption has grown significantly globally. By 2023, it is expected that more than $15.9 billion will be spent on blockchain solutions around the world. A blockchain engineer creates architecture and puts solutions involving blockchain technology into action. Knowledge of programming languages, control over security measures, staying current on technology, and knowledge of Ethereum, bitcoin, and ripple are some of the skills required for a blockchain engineer.

Machine learning engineer

Modern professionals, such as machine learning engineers, select the newest technology to provide clients with the best solutions.They plan, develop, and construct the AI algorithms needed to build a predictive model.The best examples of ML can be found on Netflix and YouTube, where users frequently see video recommendations based on previous searches. ML engineers work with data scientists, data analysts, and administrators to build the model that is expected.

Database manager

A database manager oversees the management, creation, and upkeep of data storage while also guaranteeing its security. Every year, thousands of database manager positions become available in India. He/she is in charge of designing and running the data organisation systems that an organisation uses.

Cyber security

In recent years, cybersecurity specialists have become very well-liked and one of the highest-paying professions in India.They are in charge of guarding our technology against online criminal activity.Through various tactics known as “cyber-attacks”, hackers attempt to access our sensitive data. Cybersecurity experts can assist in avoiding this by implementing cutting-edge techniques and solutions. Enacting security policies is their main responsibility.

IoT solutions architect

The development of organisational strategy and the management of the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are key responsibilities of IoT solution architects. These experts need to be skilled programmers with knowledge of hardware architecture.They also take part in other design-related tasks and help translate business requirements into technological solutions. In addition to having experience with hardware design and architecture, these professionals must be skilled programmers.

(The writer, Daya Prakash, is the founder of TalentOnLease)

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