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‘Balakanda Akhanda Parayanam’ held with religious fervour

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The 14th edition of ‘Akhanda Balakanda Parayanam’ was observed with religious fervour at ‘Nada Neerajanam Platform’ in Tirumala on Sunday. This spiritual event took place between 8:30 am and 10:30 am and was telecast live on SVBC for the sake of global devotees.

The Vedic Pundits and scholars led by Acharya Prava Ramakrishna Somayajulu recited 159 Slokas which included 134 from chapters 66-70 of Balakanda from the epic Ramayana and 25 ‘Slokas’ from ‘Yoga Vasistyam’ and ‘Dhanwantari Maha Mantram’ seeking the well-being of the humanity. Before the commencement of ‘Parayanam’, Annamacharya Project senior artist Madhusudhan Rao and his team presented ‘Ramudu Nada Keertan’ and the event concluded with ‘Hanuman Jaya Hanuman Bhajan’.

Vedic Pundits, faculties, students and devotees participated in the event with utmost spiritual fervour.

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