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Lanka Dinakar condemns Rahul’s remarks on Modi

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BJP Spokesperson Lanka Dinakar dismissed the allegations made by Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and asked him to know the welfare schemes being implemented by Narendra Modi led Centre be wise while making statements.

Lanka Dinakar said that Rahul Gandhi alleged that the Central government is not being run by Narendra Modi but being run by Ambani and Adani.

“I would like to ask Rahul Gandhi whether he knows that the Centre is implementing the Swach Bharat at 1.38 lakh villages to achieve 100% ODF, provided houses under PMAY for 1.20 crore families, Implementing the Ayushman Bharath scheme for 50 crore people, Har Ghar Jal program for 16 crore families, Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana for 80 crore People for 21 months and extended for one more year now,” Dinkar said and asked Rahul Gandhi whether the schemes are being implemented by Narendra Modi led government or Ambani and Adani.

“Modi led Centre has provided 220 crore vaccinations to the people to protect them from Coronavirus,” Dinakar highlighted. There is no congress mark administration in the country now to appease a section of people for vote bank politics with pseudo seculars, he lashed out.

Lanka Dinakar has asked Rahul Gandhi to disclose whether Adani is a friend of his sister’s husband Robert Vadra or not. He also recalled that the Rajasthan government invited Adani to invest in their State. “Let the Chief Minister of the Congress government say that Ambani and Adani have been prohibited to invest in their States,” he asked Rahul Gandhi.

Continuing the attack on Rahul Gandhi, Lanka Dinakar alleged that Rahul Gandhi is making baseless allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that Rahul Gandhi should understand the basics during his padayatra. The marathon padayatra has failed to change Rahul Gandhi from making such unwise and senseless comments against the Prime Minister, Dinakar regretted.

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