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BCs happy under YSRC govt: Min

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Minister for BC Welfare Chelluboina Venugopala Krishna has said that the BC families across Andhra Pradesh are happy with the government welfare schemes, particularly the fee reimbursement scheme implemented by the YSRC government for poor students pursuing higher studies. The Minister alleged that the TDP-supportive media are blinded by bias against the government.

Addressing the media persons on Friday, the Minister recalled that in Kurukshetra, Vasudeva fought on the side of Dharma. Similarly, Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is fighting on the side of the poor today. With the revolutionary decisions taken by the YSRC government, the BCs are out of a big crisis.

The Minister strongly objected to the false and misleading articles published in TDP-supportive media about BCs and 56 corporations. He said that during the TDP regime BC corporations were established just before elections only to deceive the BCs. But CM Jagan says what he can do and does what he says. The ‘Jayaho BC’ meeting was held with 85,000 BC representatives. The TDP media wrote that there were empty chairs in the meeting while thousands of people took part.

The BCs realised the betrayal by Naidu during his14-year rule. Under Naidu’s leadership, the BCs were left behind by 11 generations.

The Minister said that the Jagan government had benefited every poor person from 139 BC castes across the state through DBT-Non-DBT. BCs received a total of Rs 3.21 lakh crore benefits during the three-and-half years of YSRC rule and the CM has announced all the details.

During the five of the TDP rule, a total of Rs 20,000 crore was spent by Chandrababu Naidu. During the TDP regime, the amount allocated to the BC corporations was only Rs 1,626 crore and only 3.15 lakh people got benefits.

In the Jagan Mohan Reddy Cabinet, 45 percent, i.e., 11 ministers are BCs. There are four Rajya Sabha members and six Lok Sabha members. There are 31 MLAs and 12 MLCs. There are 109 corporation chairmen. 873 corporation directors, and nine ZP chairmen, the Minister said.

He further said that there are 98 municipal corporation chairmen, 76 agricultural marketing committee chairmen, 50 per cent temple committee chairmen, 9 mayors, 215 ZPTCs, 2791 MPTCs, 3985 Sarpanchess, and about 60,000 ward members are from BCs.

The Minister further said 1.31 lakh people are working in the secretariats, 85 percent of them are BC, SC, ST, and Minorities. “Our leader Jagan Mohan Reddy has provided 51 percent reservation for the women in nominated and nomination works and positions,” the minister said.

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