Wednesday, June 19, 2024

SC adjourns hearing on AP’s assets plea

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A hearing was held in the Supreme Court regarding the division of assets and debts between the Telugu states. A bench comprising Justice Sanjeev Khanna and Justice Sundaresh heard the petition filed by the AP government.

The Supreme Court directed the counsel of the AP government to provide copies of the petition to the respondents in advance. The hearing on the case was adjourned to the second week of January. Despite the separation of Telangana from united Andhra Pradesh, the transfer of assets, debts and employees has not been completed.

It is known that disputes often arise in the distribution of assets and debts even if there is a division in geography and administration. Water disputes continue every year.

Many discussions have been held to solve the problems, but they have not been fully resolved. The deadlock is not only affecting the people of both states but also the rulers.

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