Tuesday, December 5, 2023

BCs laud caste census: Minister Ushasri

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YSRCP’s ongoing ‘Samajika Sadhikara’ yatra, continues to spread the message of welfare and development. On Saturday leaders, including Ministers Adimulapu Suresh, Amzath Basha Shaik, Gummanur Jayaram, Ushasri Charan, Vidadala Rajini, MP Sanjeev Kumar, and Pattikonda MLA Kangati Sreedevi, journeyed through the Pattikonda assembly constituency in Kurnool, with a multitude of YSRCP supporters in tow.
Deputy CM Amzath Basha addressed the crowd, highlighting the strides made in social justice under Chief Minister Jagan’s leadership. Basha emphasized the commitment to social empowerment, pointing out that over 70 percent of the cabinet comprises individuals from SC, ST, BC, and minority communities. Basha took the opportunity to contrast the present focus on social empowerment with the past, citing the neglect of BCs, minorities, and SC/ST communities during Chandrababu Naidu’s Chief ministerial tenure. He urged the public not to forget the past promises made by Chandrababu, characterizing them as mere political rhetoric.
Minister Ushasri Charan praised Chief Minister Jagan’s endorsement of the caste census for BCs, anticipating just representation for the Backward Classes. She expressed gratitude on behalf of the Backward Classes, stating, “Today, people belonging to the Backward Classes want to thank CM Jagan for his endorsement of the caste census. This move will further help to provide equitable representation to the people from the marginalized communities.” Charan also credited CM Jagan for elevating the status of SC, ST, BC, and minority communities, contrasting this with the perceived neglect and insults they faced during Chandrababu’s regime.
Minister Adimulapu Suresh emphasised the transformation of Andhra Pradesh towards a corruption-free society under CM Jagan’s rule. He credited the administration for implementing welfare schemes without discrimination and noted the positive impact on the lives of citizens. Suresh lauded the Chief Minister for bringing previously marginalized castes into legislative bodies, and providing them with adequate political representation.
MP Sanjeev Kumar echoed similar sentiments, describing the current period as the ‘kingdom of the poor,’ where BC, SC, ST, and minorities have been empowered enough to move shoulder to shoulder with everyone, experiencing growth. He emphasized the positive changes brought under CM Jagan’s leadership, cautioned against deceptive tactics from Chandrababu, and urged the public to support CM Jagan for the continued welfare of the downtrodden.
In conclusion, MLA Kangati Sridevi attributed the success of the bus Yatra to CM Jagan’s unwavering commitment to uplift BC, SC, ST, and minority communities. Sridevi praised the Chief Minister for implementing numerous welfare schemes that have illuminated the lives of the poor and weaker sections. She emphasized that CM Jagan’s actions speak louder than words, contrasting them with the lack of tangible progress during the terms of previous TDP leaders from the region.

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