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Beyoncé opens up about the inspiration behind Act II: Cowboy Carter

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Beyoncé discusses the motivation for Act II: Cowboy Carter, the follow-up to her enormously popular album Renaissance. Act II, rumoured to be the second installment of a trilogy, was announced during a Super Bowl commercial, along with the release of two tracks: Texas Hold ‘Em and 16 Carriages. During the 10-day countdown to Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé shared the album’s cover art on Instagram, thanking her fans for their support and hinting at the upcoming release. Beyoncé expressed gratitude to her fans for their everlasting support as she marked history as the first black woman to lead the Hot Country Songs chart. She emphasised her desire for a future in which an artist’s race is irrelevant in the vast expanse of music genres.She went on to say that the album took five years to complete and that it was inspired by the difficulties she encountered while exploring the country genre and getting criticism. Reflecting on this experience, the Grammy-winning performer researched the history of country music and celebrated its rich musical tradition. She was overjoyed to see music’s unifying force around the world, as well as to recognise individuals dedicated to preserving and sharing musical history. She continued on with her statement, describing how the genre’s limits motivated her to push herself. Act II depicts her journey of overcoming challenges and combining genres to create her artistic endeavour. Beyoncé teased surprises and collaborations with renowned musicians, emphasising that this album is more than just country—it embodies the soul of ‘Beyoncé’. Her new music was announced in a Verizon Super Bowl commercial, which playfully demonstrated her power to disrupt the internet while leaving the phone company untouched.
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