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‘I’m now prepared to give my fans a fantastic musical year’

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Singer-actress Shirley Setia, who recently collaborated with Akull for the track Hoodie, gets candid with
The Pioneer, sharing the experience, shooting her scenes in Mudh Island,
and more.
A very well-known singer from today—who, if memory serves us correctly, also had her Telugu debut—rose to prominence with her Hyderabad concerts. We’re talking about Shirley Setia, the woman in today’s interview. Through her most recent music video Hoodie, Shirley Setia invites viewers to go on an enthralling journey through a captivating fusion of the chill of winter and the warmth of love. Setia recently talked about her experience sharing the mic with Akull in an exclusive interview and more.
“You are absolutely correct—forget about the vibe; even the whole thought process behind it is extremely unique, ”responded the singer, when questioned about the distinctive vibe of her most recent release. “I could really relate to the sentiments of the song. That’s how I became involved with the song and connected to its message as a vocalist. We’ve known each other for a very long time, my co-singer Akull. In any case, we have been considering this partnership for a very long time. That’s how I joined this song!”
Hoodie, with its breathtaking mountain backdrop, will serve as a constant reminder of the value of the small things that hold special meaning for us and our loved ones. Shirley went on to say, “The chemistry was so evident since the song required the two of us to be adorable and vivacious together. On the Hoodie sets, we had another co-star who was an adorable puppy. Instead, I was having the most fun possible with him. Can you believe we made the dog dance? In reality, we did a separate photo session with the dog before filming the song, and the results turned out beautifully! As singers, we also enjoy dancing when we are required to do so. I was always eager to learn, and be punctual for my sessions.”
She went on, “The music made me nostalgic; in this case, the nostalgia for our love connections was the inevitable response. However, anyone may be in love! Using myself as an example, my family is located far away from me. I really, really miss them. And for that reason, the music video turned out quite nicely.”
Originally, it was intended to film both scenes in Kashmir! However, “because of a number of factors, I had to take my scenes on Madh Island. Kashmir is a place I’d really like to visit soon, especially after watching our music video. When my itinerary in Kashmir was cancelled, it was a dead giveaway. We were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of snow, but unfortunately, it was not to be. That’s when we came up with a backup plan. They adjusted the song’s plot in keeping with that. As you can see in the video, they adjusted by adding mist to the windows. They wanted to demonstrate that even if it was shot so artistically on Mudh Island, I am in a wintery mood. In the song, I came up with the wink after I put on the hoodie! I’ve heard that the other ‘Kashmiri’ sequences were filmed in really chilly temperatures. Even now, I still wish I had been in that scene.”
Hoodie’s poetic choreography perfectly captures the spirit of romance in every frame, as Akull and Shirley’s relationship develops with each soft smile and sly gaze. “I am as real as possible when I sing!” she said, revealing her versatility as a singer. “I will never take an assignment if I cannot relate to the lyrics of a song. Again, I won’t do anything if I don’t feel the song in my veins. That’s not how I roll! In the music business, I’m just following the current. I also have the utmost gratitude for my fans! Even on my bad days, the supportive words from my admirers keep me going.”
“It’s natural that while working with another singer, there will be differences of opinion, but that’s our ultimate learning,” she continued, discussing her most recent song. “I want to be heard too! I’m now prepared to give my fans a fantastic musical year.” Readers, stay tuned!
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