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‘Bhuraksha’ scheme will bring down Jagan govt

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CPI national general secretary K Narayana has alleged that the ‘Jagananna Bhuraksha’ scheme is bogus and in no way useful to the farmers.
On Friday, the CPI senior leader inspected the survey stones planted by the revenue staff under the ‘Jagananna Bhuraksha’ scheme in some agriculture fields at his native village Inambakkam in the Nagari constituency in Chittoor district. He also examined the Pattadar passbook issued by the government.
Talking to the media on the occasion, he said that Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s image was printed on the Pattadar passbook and the same is being given to the farmers.  The Pattadar passbook is not useful to locate the agriculture field and no bank would sanction a loan on the passbook.
The officials said that there is no need to show the Pattadar passbook to the officials at the time of land registration. “Then what is the use of the Pattadar passbook being issued by the government? There is no value to the Pattadar passbook. It is a bogus passbook,” Narayana criticised.
The YSRCP government has spent crores of rupees only to issue the Pattadar passbook which has no value and is in no way useful, he lashed out. The pattadar passbooks which were issued during the previous Congress and TDP regime were voluble, he claimed.
The rights of landowners were not mentioned in the passbook, he stated. This ‘Jagananna Bhuraksha’ scheme would defeat Jagan Mohan Reddy in the next elections, Narayana predicted.
“A rover should be used to survey the lands as his instrument provides accuracy. However, the Jagan Reddy government is using the Ortho Rectified Image (ROI) device for the re-survey. Due to the use of this instrument for survey, there are fluctuations in the area of the field,” Narayana stated.

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