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MP directs officials to resolve issues in wards

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YSRCP Lok Sabha member Margani Bharat Ram has directed the Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation officials to resolve the problems prevailing in various wards in the city.
The MP here on Friday participated in the ‘Good Morning’ programme organised in the 40th ward. Speaking on the occasion, the MP told the officials to take steps to ensure that no problem should prevail in any ward in the city.
The MP visited Seethampet, Lakshmi Ganapati temple area, Aryapuram, Mulagoyi, Chintalamma Ghat road and other areas in the 40th ward of the city. Braving the cold wave, MP Bharat Ram, along with Municipal Corporation, officials and staff took part in the ‘Good Morning Rajahmundry’ programme in the early morning.
They conducted a door-to-door inquiry to know the prevailing problems by interacting with the denizens. People expressed surprise and happiness that the MP himself went to their homes to learn about the problems. The MP also met petty traders and knew how their business was going on. He assured the petty traders of granting loans to expand their business.
During the programme, the people brought the problem of sanitation to the attention of the MP. The MP called the RMC Section Supervisor and ordered him to take steps to resolve the problems immediately. The MP noticed that the drainages were blocked in some places and the water was not flowing and ordered to examine all such problems and solve them immediately.
Talking to the media, MP Margani Bharat Ram said the area consists of slums and the habitational area is narrow which leads to sanitation problems. The MP said that 59 persons submitted applications for Mudra loans.
In-charge of 40 th ward, Aryapuram Satyanarayana Swamy and Satyanarayana Swamy temple chairperson Dunga Mangalakshmi, cluster in-charge Majji Appa Rao and MHMO Vinutna were among those who took part in the programme.

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