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Big girls don’t cry: A nostalgic trip to embracing ‘girl gang’ & ‘sisterhood’

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Director: Nitya Mehra, Sudhanshu Saria, Karan Kapadia,
and Kopal Naithani
Story and screenplay: Subhash Kapoor, Nandan Singh
Producers: Sudhanshu Saria and Karan Kapadia (executive producers), and Ashi Dua Sara (producer).
Cast: Pooja Bhatt, Avantika Vandanapu, Aneet Padda, Dalai, Vidushi, Lhakyila, Afrah Sayed,Akshita Sood, Raima Sen, Zoya Hussain, and Mukul Chadda
Streaming on: Prime Video
Rating: 3/5
Tejal Sinha
Prime Video has recently unveiled the trailer for its coming-of-age drama, Big Girls Don’t Cry, which turned out to be the much anticipated and talk-of-the-town series. While the trailer gave us a peek into the world of the all-girls’ school, the seven-episodic series basically takes you on a nostalgic trip to all your disciplining days at the boarding school.
The series depicts the boarding life at the Vandana Valley Academy, as a group of seven girls prepare for their final year of school. The trailer for the series, which stars seven women, depicts an outsider, Kavya Yadav, walking into college in the hopes of making new friends. Noor wants to be the school captain, while Ludo wants to be the sports captain. As Roohi and JC work to make their beauty company a success, Pluggy has big ambitions of her own, and rebel poet Dia prepares to jump the school wall before the bell sounds.
As the series begins, Kavya (played by Vidushi) enters; she’s surrounded by the rules and regulations of the school as the warden is heard saying things that are not ‘tolerated’, and you go down to your memory lane. For example; when she says boys are not tolerated, only brothers are allowed. Doesn’t that remind you of the days when girls and boys were not supposed to even sit together in class? As the series moves ahead, Kavya is on her quest to find her spot in the school, but of course, the ‘babes’ of the school don’t make it seem so easy for her. These girls basically are your ‘OG’ gang. As the senior gang gives them a task to get the key and be a part of the VVGS’s legacy, the rival gang and ‘the gang’ become the two teams for this competition.
What happens next and how it all happens, let’s leave you in suspense—but trust me, it’s not your regular all-girls drama but things beyond.
The girl gang that eventually somehow includes Kavya in the gang but later terms her a ‘school girl’, shows various aspects, including the criteria one has to meet to be a part of the gang. The girls in their respective parts have done a fabulous job making the scenes look as realistic as they should be. From Kavya, the new joinee, to Ludo and Diya, among the others, they have played their parts very well. The girls have definitely done their homework well.
Apart from the girl gang, Pooja Bhatt as Anita Verma, the principal of Vandana Valley, transparently gives us the vibe of who she is in real life too. She, as her character Anita, will remind you of that one teacher who knows how to handle the spoiled brats in the best-ever way. Seeing her on-screen, in fact, with the amount of time she was in her scenes, has been phenomenal with her emotions, body language, and dialogue-speaking skills, to date. Well, of course, she’s going to keep you hooked all the time and make you pay attention to what she’s saying and what’s behind her actions.
As the series unfolds, one thing that everyone would agree to, and have in fact faced in reality too is breaking up the ‘plastic barbies’ and it’s the’real’ family of yours that matters without any kind of judgement. The characters cultivate a strong sense of self and work to overcome gender stereotyping. The series definitely highlights the much-required topics in today’s times, and the focus is also more on materialistic and frivolous characteristics.
Big Girls Don’t Cry is more than just a boarding school drama. It explores the lives, ideas, and emotions of teenage girls who are forging their own path in the world. These girls are embarking on a journey of self-discovery, overcoming hurdles, and seizing opportunities to create their unique identities. The series, primarily starring female actors, delves into the experiences of young women during their formative years. In the captivating world of the affluent Vandana Valley, where a group of young girls defy social standards and the school’s as well as life’s many thrilling adventures, Big Girls Don’t Cry immerses viewers. Each of them fights an internal battle to stay loyal to their own distinct identities as they travel. In a nutshell, though in some parts it seems like the scene has been a little dragging, overall it’s your perfect series to get back to your school memories and learnings.
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