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Embracing ‘Shukrana’ with mastering the ‘art of being’

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Using metaphysical tools to help people learn the art of being is none other than Aashmeen Munjaal, the founder of the Shukrana Gratitude Foundation. For our exclusive weekly segment of Community Wise, The Pioneer connects with the founder, who speaks to us in much more detail about the foundation and its activities.
Hundreds of people find inspiration in Aashmeen Munjaal, the founder of the Shukrana Gratitude Foundation, who empowers them to live their lives as they choose. Aashmeen uses metaphysical tools to help people learn the “art of being” and utilise the universe’s energy and vibrations to accomplish their goals. She also provides knowledge about the quantum universe in an effort to resurrect this knowledge through the decoding of neo-linguistic patterns!
“Gratitude is nothing but bringing that magic into your lives,” the founder says in an exclusive interview with us for the unique weekly column. “I’ve witnessed a lot of individuals whining about what little they have, as well as that being lessened. Here, I am speaking in terms of energy laws! Shukrana Gratitude is education. We attend retreats and conduct workshops to accomplish this. For me, education became a foundation.”
She goes on, “The health and well-being of relationships are enhanced by this basis. To better educate everyone who visits the foundation, all of the practitioners there are constantly searching for a more brilliant kind of light. For instance, have you ever wondered why people do ‘ardaas’ in mobs? Consequently, energy multiplies. For this reason, the foundation also follows suit when working with big organisations. This is known as “mass gratitude”.”
Additionally, “25 years ago, social media did not exist. Posters, publications, and billboards all contributed to the increased awareness of my foundation. Back then, scrolling advertising on cable television was really significant! We are able to reach a sizable audience thanks to Instagram. These days, social media is criticised greatly, but the only way my foundation’s members communicate is through Zoom apps. Another important medium for disseminating information about my foundation is YouTube.”
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