Thursday, November 30, 2023

BJP bats for SC categorisation

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Declaring that the BJP is for categorisation of SC reservations, Prime Minister Modi said that he will appoint a committee to do justice to the Madiga community. He said that the BJP thinks that injustice has been done to Madigas.
“I will try to correct the injustice done to Madigas. We will solve your problems. Very soon a committee will be appointed. We will conduct the legal fight as it is in the Supreme Court. You will get justice from courts. Manda Krishna is a real hero as he has been leading the movement for the last 30 years. I salute everyone behind this non-violent movement. We recognized the Madigala movement. I will work in tune with the demands of Manda Krishna Madiga. We have a feeling that your demands are just. We extend our full support to achieve your rights. We will appoint a committee very soon. We will see that justice is delivered to you. We will work together for a golden Telangana. I assure you that I will stand by your movement,” Modi said.
Participating in the Madigala Vishwaroopa public meeting held at the Parade Grounds here on Saturday, Modi said that the BRS and Congress are anti-Madiga and that the BRS government is committing injustice against Madigas.
BRS leaders said that they will make a Dalit the CM but KCR became the CM, he said.
KCR deceived farmers by not implementing loan waiver scheme properly. He failed to give the three acres he promised. He failed to implement the Dalit Bandhu scheme properly and it is the relatives of BRS leaders who gained from the scheme, he said.
Modi said that the BJP is the only party that gives the social justice guarantee to Telangana. “Manda Krishna is my leader and I am his assistant. I stand by him. I will function under his leadership to secure the demands of Madigas. Manda Krishna is my younger brother.
The BJP is trying to deliver social justice to everyone. Many governments have come and gone but people must see the difference between those governments and the BJP government. The BJP’s slogan is Sab Ka Sath…Sab Ka Vikas. I declare my full support to the three-decade movement of Madigas. The BJP’s aim is to eradicate poverty. All political parties used Madigas promising justice. You people have been fighting a life mission. I came here to share your pains,” Modi said.
Expressing concern over the injustices faced by Dalits in Telangana, Modi said that his leader was Bangaru Laxman and that he trained under him as a BJP activist.
Modi said that Manda Krishna has been fighting for 30 years. “I got an opportunity to work with Bangaru Laxman and with my younger brother Manda Krishna. I salute the parents of Manda Krishna for raising a son who has been fighting without any violence. Inspired by Jagjeevan Ram, Ambedkar and Bangaru Laxman I will work for you,” Modi said.

“Dalit poet Gurram Jashua expressed his pains at Kashi Vishwanathudu and I became the PM with the blessings of the same Vishwanathudu. TN Sadalaxmi and TV Narayan served Dalits their entire life. Manda Krishna Madiga is also striving hard for the last 30 years for Madigas. I did not come to take something from you but I came here to tell you that all leaders made promises and deceived you. I came here to ask Manda Krishna to forgive us. I came here to atone for the sins of those politicians who cheated you. The BRS government failed Telangana,” the PM said.

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