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BJP leaders hail street corner meetings

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Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay Kumar, Telangana BJP affairs in-charges Tarun Chugh and Sunil Bansal are happy about the street corner meeting drive across Telangana being held since the last 13 days and have hailed party leaders.

The trio asked BJP leaders to hold street corner meetings on a broader scale. The party leaders urged the trio to extend the campaign as the scheduled date for its conclusion is February 25.

Extending the date by three more days to complete all street corner meetings, the trio directed the leaders to organise huge public meetings in all 119 constituencies on February 28. In fact, Sanjay, Tarun Chugh and Sunil Bansal said that around 6,000 street corner meetings have been held and asked the in-charges to complete the target of holding 10,000 street corner meetings before February 28.

The discussion on street corner meetings being organised under the ‘Praja Gosa-BJP Barosa’ campaign was held on Thursday at the BJP State office during the workshop ‘Booth Swashakthikaran Abhiyan.’

The leaders who attended the meeting said that a positive discussion was held with people during street corner meetings. The State government and Intelligence reports also revealed the same, they said. Many district presidents urged the trio to extend the date for organising street corner meetings.

Responding to their request, Sunil Bansal said the party is extending the date by three more days. The in-charges of all the 119 Assembly constituencies have to organise huge public meetings in all constituencies on February 28. Bansal directed the in-charges to make the Assembly constituency meetings a big success by ensuring the attendance of at least 5,000 people.

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