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Khammam public meeting: ‘Due to busy schedule Nitish, Mamatha were not invited’

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BRS MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha said that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar were not invited to the Khammam Sabha as they had busy schedules.

She said that she did not know whether Mamata Banerjee had been invited to the meeting on April 14, but there were no differences with Mamata Banerjee and that KCR had met her once.

She said that many parties in UPA have only two or three MPs, and apart from the DMK, other major parties are not in the UPA.

She clearly suggested that opposition parties are united and that the Congress should give up its arrogance.

She gave an exclusive interview to NDTV and spoke about opposition unity, the failures of the Congress and the BJP.

Kavitha said that there are no challenges in uniting opposition parties. Congress President Kharge said the Congress will lead the opposition, but she made it clear that the Congress does not have strength everywhere in the country.

Kavitha said that the Congress and the BJP together do not have even 2,000 MLA seats of the 6300 MLA seats in the country and the remaining seats are in the hands of regional parties. She objected to Congress claims that it will lead opposition parties.

She suggested that the Congress should give up its pride, understand facts and act in accordance with the public will. She questioned how can the Congress which is in power in only three states lead the opposition.

Kavitha said that the Congress and the BJP ruled the country for a long time, but they could not provide drinking water and electricity to every house, and that the Congress and the BJP parties are the reason for the country’s problems.

She said that for the good of the country, there should be an alternative to these two parties.

KCR in Telangana, Pinarayi Vijayan in Kerala, Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi and Punjab said that change is being seen.

Kavitha asked that when Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014, everyone thought the country would change, but what has changed in the country?

She criticized him for not implementing key promises, not creating jobs, not bringing back black money from abroad and not stopping the devaluation of the Rupee.

Why are job notifications not being issued? “Regional parties are strong,” she said. She said that if the BJP is not removed, the country’s future will be at risk. Kavitha said that all opposition parties should join hands and remove the BJP.

Reacting to Pawan Khera’s arrest, she said the country is facing an undeclared emergency and that the Centre is acting like a dictatorship. Kavitha made it clear that such a government needs to be ousted.

She said that opposition parties should come together and that even if the Congress doesn’t join, regional parties have the strength to remove the BJP government.

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