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BJP manifesto is high on rhetoric, low on substance: Harish

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Former Minister T Harish Rao on Sunday described the BJP manifesto as a false document full of rhetoric. The manifesto buried the facts and made all claims, he pointed out.
The promised Vikasit Bharat (developed India) was confined to paper.
The manifesto ignored the interests of women, youth, the poor and the farmers. The Modi government waived Rs 12 lakh crore debts of corporates but refused to help the farmers.
It did not promise income tax concessions to the middle classes. The BJP ignored the demands of the industrial workers for Income Tax exemption. The BJP did not give assurance to artisans of handicrafts.
The manifesto was silent on the creation of jobs for the unemployed youth and did not make mention of the 33 per cent quota for the Backward Classes in legislative bodies.
Further, it did not mention the categorisation of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. The BJP did not give any clarity on the issue in its manifesto. The manifesto did not mention anything regarding increasing the quota in tune with the growing population.
Over 10 crore people live in metropolitan cities. They have been demanding special grants for the development of six metropolises. The country’s development is dependent on their development. But the BJP manifesto did not mention anything about
BRS leader pays tributes to Ambedkar it.
Former minister T Harish Rao on Sunday paid rich floral tributes to the architect of Indian Constitution BR Ambedkar on the occasion of the latter’s birth anniversary and described him as a beacon of hope for the weaker sections and down-trodden sections.
He garlanded the statue of Ambedkar here on Sunday and called him as a great warrior who fought relentless battles against untouchability and discrimination.
He appealed to the youth to emulate Ambedkar to bring about change in society. His role in development of the nation could not be ignored. His services to the nation are priceless. Paying true tributes to him would be to follow his footsteps, he said.

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