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Bootcut Balaraju to premiere on Aha

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Sohel, the film’s protagonist, ventured into production, investing his father’s hard-earned savings, but unfortunately, the film failed to resonate with audiences, resulting in losses for distributors. Sohel’s emotional speeches during pre-release events kept the film in the spotlight, culminating in tearful expressions of disappointment when screenings were canceled due to poor turnout.

Even after its release, Sohel remained vocal, publicly criticizing a reviewer who awarded the film a mere one-star rating. Despite his efforts, the film struggled to gain traction. In 2023, Sohel had two other releases: the light-hearted entertainer “Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu” by SV Krishna Reddy, now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and the critically acclaimed drama “Mr. Pregnant,” accessible on Aha.

“Pandu” and “Mamidishetty Srinivas” co-produced “Bootcut Balaraju,” with “Shyam K Naidu” handling cinematography, “Bheems Ceciroleo” composing music, and “Vijay Vardhan” editing. The film, written by “Jabardasth Ramprasad,” revolves around a fiery village youth who challenges the village head and enters the Sarpanch elections.

Critics noted Sohel’s performance as exaggerated, contributing to the film’s swift exit from theaters within two days of its release. Despite the setback, Sohel remains resilient, expressing determination to bounce back stronger. With two more releases slated for this year, he promises to showcase versatility through diverse roles, signaling a comeback with a bang.

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