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Horror thriller Tantra will release on March 15

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On March 15, “Tantra” will be released in theaters. Ananya Nagalla, known for “Mallesham” and “Vakeel Saab,” plays a villager who is possessed by a malevolent spirit in this supernatural horror film.

The filmmakers teased us with the release date by ironically declaring that it is not appropriate for “pilla bacchas” (small children). Why? Tantra has received a stringent ‘A’ classification from the CBFC, signifying that its themes, acting, visuals, and scares are appropriate for older viewers that value strong and unvarnished content. The trailer for the movie is expected to drop soon.

Produced by Naresh Babu P and Ravi Chaitanya, “Tantra” has Dhanush Raghumudri in the lead role. With a background in Walt Disney, director Srinivas Gopisetti appears to have paired unusual characters with well-known actors such Temper Vamshi and Laxman Meesala of “RX 100,” with the latter portraying a weakened Tantric practitioner.

Manoj Muthyam and Kushalini are among the cast members. The editor is SB Uddhav, and the cinematographers are Sai Ram Uday and Vijay Bhaskar Saddala. Guru Murali Krishna is the art director of the movie, which has music composed by RR Dhruvan.

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