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Bridal trends that will rule in 2023

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With constantly changing trends, one of the bridal looks and hacks to look for are those that are classic and traditional. Those that are timeless.This is why I would recommend investing in timeless fashion against the newer fads! Not only because they are rapidly impermanent, but also because they may not reflect your personal style and adhere to your comfort.

A very classic and timeless bridal trend however is the “red bold coloured” bridal wear.  Don’t shy away from bold colours. They can be a sublime statement in your outfit selection. But there are more fun ways to spruce up and personalise your wedding look.

Experimenting with sleeves!

You can choose to experiment with sleeve patterns, whilst maintaining a more classic silhouette. In fact, these alterations can be your way to adorn a more off-beat or personalised version of the classic bridal lehenga or sari. An increasingly popular and adored sleeve style is the “one shoulder” lehenga blouse. With a modern touch, the one-shoulder sleeves add a sense of oomph and chic to your attire.

Sleeve lengths are another great way of reflecting your aesthetic. Whilst longer sleeves and higher necks can give you the old-school modern kind of look, shorter cap sleeves or even sleeveless blouses could give you a more easy, flowy, youthful appearance. More importantly, they can match the weather and logistics of your wedding, and provide you with the comfort and aesthetic that your big day deserves!

Dabble with Necklines

On the other hand, necklines give us a lot of room for personalisation. A current neckline that is gaining vogue is the “deep V-neck”. This neckline is the new trend for all bridal reception outfits.This modification personifies the 2020s bride by symbolising a sense of unwavering femininity, youth, and confidence. The advantage of experimenting with necklines is that they are extremely cost-effective.

Statement embroideries

But, for someone who wants an even bolder and more apparent statement, delicate embroideries with bold motifs are the way to go.Because there are so many different ways that motifs and embroideries can be personalised, they can be a great way to bring the nuances of your personality into your apparel! This could mean embroidering a song quote that means a lot to you and your partner, or even an illustration of tiny incidents that have formed your relationship! The bold motifs on the blouse or the lehenga can be used to dress up or dress down the overall look based on your preference.

But in all, they can be a game changer when it comes to making your outfit captivating. Whilst classic gold embroidery is always a gorgeous addition to fabrics, pastel threads are becoming more popular nowadays, and a trend definitely worth exploring.

Overall, there are many ways in which you can elevate your bridal look by taking inspiration from fads, and trends or whilst maintaining the main essence of a classic one. This could be through fun sleeve patterns, necklines, sleeve lengths, motifs, and embroideries, that could help personalise, elevate, and modernise the outfit for your big day!

(The writer is Dhruv Monga, Head of Design, Sulakshana Monga)

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