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BRS bats for single capital

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Even though the dispute about capital continues in Andhra Pradesh, the BRS is inclined towards supporting a single capital. Regarding capital, a BRS leader said it should be like Hyderabad.

The BRS Leader said, “Multiple capitals are not needed. We will develop only One capital and make it a success. We will not neglect one region or other. The majority of people where they want, where they have decided, there only we will construct the capital. It will be based on people’s choices. We won’t construct capital based on politics but on people’s choices. KCR’s goal is clear Hyderabad a global city will be developed in Andhra Pradesh”

A BRS leader said that they are likely to support Amaravati as AP’s capital. The leader said, “Capital is not for political parties but for the people. The BRS will go according to public opinion. We will uphold the decision taken on the capital in the past. The decision will be taken by our party president, who understands the public pulse better.”

Earlier, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had attended the foundation stone laying ceremony of Amaravati. Leaders who recently joined the BRS made a pitch for Amaravati as capital.

An AP BRS leader said, “People are observing that there are parties which are not even capable of building a capital for Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu Naidu ruled for a term, but he could not construct the capital. Jagan wants three capitals. He doesn’t have the capability to construct one capital but is confusing people with three capitals. There is no development at all of infrastructure and unemployment is high.”

BRS leaders said that KCR has a clear answer to every problem the country is facing. The BRS will focus on strengthening the party in AP after Sankranti. The party will focus on gaining traction in the districts of AP. A meeting may be held in AP after Sankranti and BRS chief KCR will attend it.

It may be mentioned here that KCR wanted to announce a gift of Rs 100 crore for Amaravati, the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, during the foundation laying ceremony, but stopped short after learning that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was also present at the event, was not going to ‘give a single penny’ for the new city.

Another BRS leader said the matter is sub-judice. “There is no construction of three capitals anywhere in history. The matter is sub-judice but we favour the people.” Minister Srinivas Goud said that KCR will work with a “broad perspective” regarding Polavaram.

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