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BRS Govt thinks TS is their jagir, says Priyanka

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Launching a scathing attack on the BRS government and Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao, AICC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi said that the BRS government thinks that Telangana is their Jagir and they are Jagirdars, and so they are ruling Telangana in a dictatorial manner.

Priyanka pointed out that only those who are close to the BRS are getting jobs, water and funds.

She said that people thought that they would get a good deal if they had a separate Telangana state but BRS rulers are ruling the state against the aspirations of the people.

“The BRS government is not a government that will fulfil the hopes of the people. The BRS leaders think that Telangana is their Jagir and that they are Naya Jagirdars. The BRS government has been treating Telangana as its Jagir. The government is not bothered even though 8,000 farmers committed suicide. The BRS government leaked TSPSC question papers. The government is not establishing new universities. Moreover, the government is ‘looting’ students by allowing private universities,” Priyanka said.

Seeing the ‘Bye…Bye Modi and Bye…Bye KCR” placards, Priyanka said people have the responsibility to check the difference between Congress governments and other governments if they really want to say “Bye…Bye Modi and Bye…Bye KCR.

She said that she will make Telangana Congress leaders responsible for implementing the Youth Declaration or else the people will remove the Congress government.

Priyanka said that KCR deceived the people of Telangana by promising that he will provide jobs to every household. KCR deceived farmers by not waiving their bank loans. He deceived the unemployed by not giving them the promised unemployment allowance. He cut down the number of government schools in Telangana and the budget for education, she said.

Addressing the Yuva Sangarshana Sabha after releasing the Hyderabad Youth Declaration on Monday at the Saroor Nagar Grounds, Priyanka said that everyone expected good things when TS was created. But there is no development and many sections did not get any help from the government. The vacancies in government service are not being filled, she said.

She said that there were 40 lakh unemployed youth in Telangana but KCR is not giving jobs to them. She said that KCR has imposed debts running into several lakhs on every person in Telangana.

Stating that responsibility will increase if one calls her Indiramma, Priyanka said that she will not give false assurances to the Telangana people, who remember her grandmother Indiramma even 40 years after her death.

“I am sincerely saying that Sonia Gandhi gave Telangana with full responsibility. I am announcing the Youth Declaration with the same responsibility. You can take back our power if our government fails to fulfil the assurances given to you. You, people, have the responsibility to teach the BRS government a lesson. We will fulfil the assurances given to you after coming to power. I will meet Telangana people frequently from now onwards. I am giving my word as the daughter of Soniamma that we will implement the Youth Declaration” she said.

She said that Telangana was created for water, funds and jobs. The dream of a Telangana state was realised through martyrs like Srikantha Chary, Priyanka said, making it clear that Telangana was not created by any single person.

“My family knows the meaning of ‘sacrifice.’ Sonia decided to give Telangana thinking about the sacrifices of youth for Telangana. The decision to give Telangana was not easy. A separate state was not given to come to power in Telangana. Sonia gave Telangana as per the wishes of the people. Even nine years after Sonia gave Telangana the hopes of the people have not been fulfilled. The people of the State consider Telangana as their ‘mother.’ The sacrifices of Telangana Martyrs should not be wasted,” she said.

“Some leaders are speaking in the name of ‘Jathi’ and ‘Dharm.’ Once they get the power they will forget to work for five years and again seek vote using the same slogans,” she said indirectly targeting Prime Minister Modi.

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