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BRS is for India: KCR

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Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao declared that the “BRS is for India” on Monday.

“BRS is not for any part of the country, not for a state. The BRS is for India. Even to travel one lakh km, the journey begins with a first step. If there is purity of purpose and purity of intention there is nothing that cannot be achieved,” KCR said.

He was speaking at the Telangana Bhavan after welcoming Andhra Pradesh leaders into the BRS.

He also announced that the BRS will launch its political programmes in 7 to 8 states after Sankranti. He said the party was ready to constitute state-level committees in Punjab, Haryana, Odisha, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

He said that interactive sessions and classes will be held to respond on BRS. “This is not about people but organisational fight. It is our right. Lots of people will criticise us, but we should keep moving forward and people will join us,” he said.

KCR declared that the BRS is not about winning elections but about awakening the country about its resources and goals. “Within two years of BRS coming to power, we’ll give 24-hour electricity supply all over the country. We’ll give free power supply to farmers across the country. I am promising the Dalits of India that I will give you Dalit Bandhu,” KCR announced.

He said that with only Rs 1.45 lakh crore free power can be given to farmers. About 25 lakh Dalits across the country will be given Dalit Bandhu sops, he said. The BRS will have committees in all villages of the country and will also have a presence in all constituencies, KCR said.

“Shouldn’t there be a collective goal for such a large and vast country? There should be progress towards achieving the goal. For progress, a goal should be set, put it before the people, take it from them and take a step forward. Unfortunately, the only goal of our country is to win elections. Is this the characteristic of politics?” KCR asked.

“Who is happy in this country? For 13 months, the farmers went on strike and some died. Their families were not even comforted. Dalit, tribals and the poor are suffering. Why pain? There is a kind of dissatisfaction among many. Rajakas want to be part of SC. If all of them are included in SC where else should they go?” asked KCR adding that we have no right to mislead people.

“BRS is not for a language, a region or an individual. It is a Yagna. Difficulties and losses may come. Any great step is first mocked, and then they will attack us. In the end, we will win. We will have training programmes in future,” KCR said He said that India despite having 50 per cent cultivable land, imports palm oil and tur dal.

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