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BRS is lone but not lonely

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Not with INDIA or NDA, asserts KCR in Maharashtra

PNS | Hyderabad

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar clarified that the BRS is not on the side of the NDA or the INDIA.

Speaking to reporters in Maharashtra KCR said, “We are not on anyone’s side and we don’t want to be on the side of the INDIA or the NDA. But we are not alone. We have friends. We have seen INDIA and the NDA already. What is there in INDIA? We have already seen the one which ruled us for 50 years.”

KCR said that the siren for elections has already been blown in Maharashtra and that the BRS has 14 lakh members already in Maharashtra.

He demanded that the Centre should confer Bharat Ratna on eminent poet and writer Annabhav Sathe.

Attending a function held on the occasion of Sathe’s 103 birth anniversary in Wategaon in Maharashtra on Tuesday, the CM said that successive governments at the Centre failed to honour the noted Matang Dalit poet.

KCR demanded that the Centre should recognize Annabhau Sathe, who was born in a Dalit family and belongs to the Matang community.

The CM pointed out that Russia recognized Sathe and the Prime Minister of that country had invited and honoured him. Sathe’s statue is also installed in a Russian library.

“Sathe is known as India’s Maxim Gorky. It is regrettable that Indian governments did not recognize Sathe and did not do anything to introduce his literature to the world,” KCR said.KCR demanded that the Maharashtra and Union Governments should recognize Sathe’s sacrifices.

“Sathe’s works should be translated into in all Indian languages and the ‘Sathe Vishwa Janina” (universal) philosophy should be introduced at the national and international level. This is my only request to Maharashtra CM Shinde and his Cabinet. Honouring Sathe means respecting our country,” KCR said.

The CM recited Kalidasa’s sloka ‘Manikya Veenamupalalayantim, Madalasam Manjula Vagvilasam, Mahendra Neeladyuti Komalangim, Matanga Kanyam Manasa Smarami’ and praised the great man of Matangi Samaj.

He expressed concern at the Maharashtra government not giving adequate support to the Matang community and not providing them representation in Legislative Assemblies.

KCR made it clear that the BRS would fully support the Matang community and provide them assistance when the time comes.

Annabhav Sathe’s grandson Sachin Bhav Sathe and Sachin Sathe’s mother Savitribhai Sathe were present at the meeting.

Maharashtra BRS in-charge K. Vamsidhar Rao, Haribav Rathore, Qadir Maulana, Bhanudas Murkute, Ghan Shyam Shelar, Bhagirath Balke, BJ Deshmukh, Shankaranna Donge, Malik Kadam, MLA Jeevan Reddy, Civil Supply Corporation Chairman Ravinder Singh Yash Pal Binge and others attended the function.

Chief Advisor Somesh Kumar, MLA Jeevan Reddy, Civil Supply Corporation Chairman Ravinder Singh, K. Vamsidhar Rao, Shankaranna Donge, Manik Kadam and others accompanied KCR.

KCR, accompanied by BRS leaders, attended several programmes during his visit to Maharashtra on Tuesday.

The BRS chief arrived at the Kolpaur airport in the morning to attend the 103rd birth anniversary celebrations of Dalit poet and writer Annabhau Sathe.

The Chief Minister visited the Mahalakshmi Mata Ambabai Temple and conducted a special puja. After the rituals at the temple, KCR went to Wategaon village to attend the birth anniversary celebrations of eminent poet Annabhau Sathe who was a pioneer in Dalit literature.

Annabhav Sathe’s family presented Sathe’s Memoirs and literature to KCR.

Later, KCR visited the house of Shetkari Sanghatana President Raghunath Dada Patil. Impressed by BRS policies and its agenda, the Sanghatan President came forward to join the BRS. The Shetkari Sanghatan President joined the BRS in the presence of the BRS President.

Patil said a public meeting would be held soon and that many leaders will join the BRS in the presence of KCR.

The BRS chief also visited the memorial of Sahu Maharaj, who a popular Bahujan social philosopher and a strong fighter for oppressed communities. KCR paid tributes to him and laid floral tributes at his memorial.

KCR also visited Prakash Singh Jadav, the head of Pudhari Newspapers, a Marathi daily in Kolhapur. Later, the Chief Minister returned to Hyderabad.

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